Press Days SS15 Part 1

The showroom at Image PR was just moved to the Tolstraat in Amsterdam, where more PR agencies are located. Above some images I took while being there this past Tuesday. I really liked the decoration of their new office, cute candles, animal skull, feathers and nice framed prints. I of course also liked the new Ivy and Liv jewelry collection and what about the leather bag that the brand Dutch Basics will sell coming season.

Then I went to see the newest beauty items and eyewear collection at GLOW PR. How amazing are these Oliver Peoples sunnies?! I'm definitely going to try those ones to see if I can find a perfect pair for coming season. I also liked the Sisley products, because the items are just really great for your skin.

Last but not least, I went to the showroom of Maison PR. They are quite a big Agency so they have many many brands and I'm just showing a few images to give you an impression. I liked the shoes of the Sacha SS15 collection, nice fresh and perfect pastel colors. Lingerie in bright colors and beautiful feminine lace fabrics and cuts and the best are those amazing Marc Jacobs watches.

What do you think of the newest collections? xx


Trenchcoat weather

An autumn look for you guys. It's definitely trenchcoat weather at the moment, so here an outfit post! It's getting more difficult to take outfit photos again because it's starting to get dark at five already. I now have to plan it on those rare times that we are both available during the afternoon.

I'm wearing a thick sturdy trenchcoat, my favorite oversized chambray shirt, vintage high waisted levi's jeans, patent leather booties and my trusty leather bag.

Trenchcoat: Burberry | Shirt: Maison Scotch | Jeans: Levi's | Booties: Next | Bag: Zara


Ecco: Danish goodness

Danish design: what is not to love?! What attracts me the most in Scandinavian design is the simplicity of the design and the functionality of the items. It is clear that it's not only about looks but that the utility of a product is taken into account when designing.

You all know I love leather and it turns out that the design team at Ecco does as well. They say that leather quality is crucial to shoemaking and that is why the make their own. I already have a pair of booties and a leather tote, what to buy next? xx


Hair growing process

Here some shots showing you guys what my hair looks like right now. You probably know that I cut my hair a while ago and I'm not sure what to do with it know. What do you think, chop it or let it grow some more? xx

Shirt: Samsoe Samsoe | Tee: Asos


MFW My 5 favorite collections

Jil Sander SS 15. Of course always one of my favorite shows and probably not only mine! Where do I start, I really love the volume in the blouses, the length of the skirts and the smart layering. Another thing that attracted my attention were the high socks, how amazing is it that these are worn with open shoes. I also like the matching tops and bottoms, it gives the impression of a suit but without the stiffness. Looking at second outfit, I think I will give the bandeau top a try again.

Byblos SS 15. I also selected a less 'familiar' name, because I was positively surprised by what they showed. The geometric prints used on different kind of materials, paired with more feminine prints and colors resulted in a refreshing collection that seems to be exactly that we'll need this summer. Even though checked trousers were already there last season, I'm still looking for one. So I'm happy to see that you can still find them on the runway as well.

Gucci SS 15. Gucci sometimes is too much for my taste; too sexy, but I do like the hippie-like feeling within this collection. Of course pairing the colorful furs with the printed dresses is predictable in a way, but the combination with the plain white dresses is amazing. I might want to try something like that myself.

Dolce & Gabanna SS 15. The Dolce and Gabanna shows always turn out to be quite phenomenal. This season the show again ended with an army of models walking down the catwalk. You probably know that I'm not that often wearing embellished clothes, but I can see myself wearing one of those beaded/jeweled tops. I also like the ladylike t-strap heels in ruby red, but I guess I don't go to parties where you have to wear shoes like that.

N 21 SS 15. The fifth collection I picked is the one from N 21. I really like the young and energetic vibe at this collection. There is a good balance between the showing of skin and covering. The collection seems to be really detailed and many different materials are being used. The combination of the lace skirt with a business oxford shirt is perfect. I'm only not so sure about those shoes. What is your favorite collection from Milan Fashion Week? xx


The Future of Fashion is Now: Boijmans van Beuningen

Last weekend we performed during the opening of The Future of Fashion is Now exhibition at the Boijmans van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam. As part of the Fashion Masters at Artez we worked together with the Australian Fashion Designer and performer Adele Varcoe.

During the opening night - on friday the 10th of October - we showed three acts that we had been working on during the previous weeks. Because we are fashion strategist, we didn't perform ourselves but we recruited models, dancers and other professionals to do the job. It was a chaotic but nice evening, it was fun to work on a real project and see the result of the ideas we had been working on for a while.

1. We worked with models and mirrors. Models stared at the audience through a compact mirror.
2. We worked with dancers who were intensely looking at the audience and sometimes adjusting their outfit (rolling up sleeves, opening buttons) and upon the arrival of a nude model they started to undress as well (while continuing the staring and adjusting part).
3. We held a catwalk show where we worked with the anticipation of the audience. We reversed the scenario so that the audience had to walk down the runway.

We were invited to an expert-meeting earlier that day, where some guest speakers gave us an interesting insight in the/their fashion world. The guest speakers were: Elisa van Joolen, Lucia Cuba, Adele Varcoe, Antoine Peeters, Craig Green, Forrest Jessee, Pauline van Dongen and Hefin Jones.

The exhibition The Future of Fashion is Now is on show from the 11th of October until the 18th of January 2015. As I mentioned before, you can find it at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Did any of you go there yet or is planning to? xx


New in: Fred de la Bretoniere lace ups

Bought these new shoes a few weeks ago. I've been looking for flat black shoes for something like two years, I'm not kidding! I could find nice ankle boots all the time, but I wanted flats. Somehow it turned out to be quite hard to find a decent looking pair with a good fit.

I found them at Fred de la Bretoniere, a Dutch shoe brand with a wide range of leather goods. Their leather is of amazing quality so I think these shoes will last for some time ;) For those familiar with the brand Shabbies, it's from the same company! I've selected more nice shoes:


Fall Winter with Bartinki

As I mentioned before, this season I again did some modeling for Bartinki. We used items from the fall-winter collection to create these looks. Bartinki is a Arnhem based slow fashion brand, using leftover fabrics to create sustainable items.

1&5. Skirt: Bartinki | Top: Bartinki | Hat: Maison Scotch | Heels: Miista
2. Bomber: Thrifted | Dress: Bartinki | Legging: Bartinki | Shoes: Supertrash | Headband: Bartinki
3&4. Jacket: Dept | Tee: Asos | Skirt: Bartinki | Scarf: Bartinki | Boots: Deena & Ozzy
6&10. Coat: Bartinki | Top with fringes: Bartinki
7. Top: Pepe Jeans | Skirt: Bartinki : Snap cowl: Bartinki | Heels: Miista
8. Bomber: Thrifted | Split Skirt: Bartinki | Legging: Bartinki | Boots: Deena & Ozzy
9. Coat: Bartinki | Velvet headband: Bartinki

So if you are looking for beautiful handmade unique items, go shop at the Bartinki webstore on Etsy. Or go to the brick store on the Klarendalseweg 150 in Arnhem! xx