What are you looking at?
1. Shoes for dinner, yes please! Last week we also visited the exhibition Fascination, another part of the Mode Biënnale Arnhem, at Huis Zypendaal. It was a beautiful exposition created by the men of Ravage and was dedicated to fetishism in men's clothing; think ties, underwear, perfume, shoes...
2. Some noodles with shrimps, carrot and leak because everyone seems to enjoy the weekly food-photos!
3. Eating alone equals dinner on a wooden cutting board. Oven baked rosemary potatoes and cherry tomatoes with a cheese burger and fiesta peas mix.
4. My little friend Pluis enjoys the fact that he's gotten his own chair in front of the window.
5. Men's perfume at Huis Zypendaal.
6. Grilled peppers and mushrooms with rice and a beef burger.



New in biker booties

Went to the Zara sale Tuesday morning and found these booties. Gotta love sturdy black booties, especially with quilted leather and buckled straps.  Have to work till 16.00h and then off to France: holiday! Have a nice weekend! xx


MoBA Fetishism in Fashion

Like I told you yesterday Mart and I went to the MoBA Fetishism in Fashion exhibition. Here some of the photos I made, I just selected a few to share with you. The whole exhibition is just gorgeous and contains many amazing pieces, totally worth a visit!! I love love love that first dress which is designed by Walter van Beirendonck. There were many different rooms all with their own themes. But it wasn't all clothing; there were movies, fetish footwear, 3d printed shoes, photos and many more. Like I said, definitely worth a visit!



Sheer legs and scuba skirt

Together with Mart I visited the MoBA yesterday. We also took some photos and did a bit of shopping (bought beautiful black biker booties in the Zara sale, will show them later this week). This is what I was wearing, looking back I think the skirt was a bit to short for the weather. I mean it was really windy so I had to flatten the little circle hem of the skirt the whole time, a tighter skirt would have been easier. But I did like what I wore, what about you?

Leather gilet: Maison Scotch | Chambray shirt: Maison Scotch | Scuba skirt: HM Trend | Sandals: & Other Stories | Leather bag and necklace: COS | Camera bag: Style Scrapbook for Kipling



What are you looking at?
1. The beautiful furniture store Moetkunsten in Arnhem, they sell both vintage and new furniture (think brands like Eames, Panton and Willy van der Meeren).
2. Even after being together for five years I still learned something new about Mart, he had never eaten a 'bolus' (don't know how to call it in English).
3 & 4. Panty sculpture in Moetkunsten. It's made by Madeleine Berkhemer as part of the Arnhem Mode Biënnale -MoBA '13- which theme is Fetishism.
5. The amazing cat tree I told you about earlier, I'm pretty sure that Coco and Pluis would love this.
6. Steak tartar with tomato soup. With an avocado, red union, tomatoes and homemade honey-mustard dressing sandwich.

How was your week? xx


Double denim and cropped top

I'm sorry if I blinded you by showing you my white belly. But I can't do anything about it. People who follow me probably know that I'm not a person that gets a tan but a sunburn when showing some bare skin. So on days like today when the temperatures are OK but the sun isn't shining, I can put on cropped tops. When do you wear your cropped tops, if you have any? Today I wore my blue & Other Stories sandals for the first time, they are really comfortable (yay)! xx

Denim shirt: Thrifted Levi's | Cropped top: Asos | Jeans: Thrifted Wrangler | Shoes: & Other Stories


Breton stripes

How great are these looks? I really like breton stripes! Lately I haven't purchased any new striped items but I did throw away some very worn ones. I'm still looking for a few striped tops, both long sleeved and short sleeved. The only thing is that sometime striped tops look like the top of a little boys pajama, I that isn't what I'm looking for ;) Where can I buy one of good quality, any suggestions? xx


White tee in the park

Today I left early from work because of the insane temperatures. It was around 30 degrees Celsius and prospect of rain and thunder. I guess you can imagine how humid and sticky it was. We decided to ignore the weather and still went out for a stroll in the centre. We visited the lovely furniture store Moetkunsten where we saw many amazing chairs and this fun Cat Tree. When we have our new home we definitely are going to buy some Eames chairs, which I already showed you in my wishlist. xx

Tee: Comegetfashion | Pants: Dept | Sandals: Birkenstock | Sunnies: vintage Mulberry | Necklaces: By Gitte & COS | Bag: MoBA


De Fundatie in Zwolle

Like I already told you yesterday, we went out with the whole family on Fathersday. First we went to airport Teuge were my father had his skydive. After the jump we went to Zwolle to visit De Fundatie, an art museum where a friend of my father is sub-director. We also ate delicious sandwiches and ice creams in this lovely Hanseatic town.

Leather jacket: Dept | Checked shirt: Thrifted | Corduroy jeans: Vintage Mustang | Booties: Clarks Originals | Leather bag: Zara | Metallic socks: Tiger



What are you looking at?
1. Delicious lunch, chicken sandwich with red onion and rucola in Zwolle.
2, 3 & 4. At airport Teuge today. My father turned 50 two weeks ago and today (extra special because of Fathersday) we gave him our gift, skydiving.
5. A photo of me from the only outfit post I shared this week. Hope to shoot more coming week.
6. Food, rice noodles with bok chou and salmon.



Rag&Bone Pre Spring

How amazing is this Pre Spring collection, it's from Rag&Bone. I love the burgundy velvet items and the all black looks and what about that fringed skirt?! xx


Black flowy sheer skirt

What I was wearing this weekend, on sunday to be precise. Love my new H&M skirt, perfect for days when it's not so warm yet. It was also the first time that I wore my new sandals, also H&M. xx

Skirt: H&M Trend | Lace top: Vintage | Belt with metal mirror plates: Thrifted | Sandals: H&M Trend | Sunnies: Ray Ban



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