Home Inspiration

Love these wooden floors, white walls, marble wallpaper, copper details, industrial furniture and vintage designs. What style do you like? xx


New stuff

Yesterday I shared a list of items that had entered the online shop My Theresa. Today I'm showing you the items that I have welcomed into my closet. First I bought a black trenchcoat at HM Trend, which I previously showed in the HM Trend Fall favorites. At COS I bought two tees a sheer striped black one and a green speckled one, I also bought leather sandals and a green clasp bracelet. Finally I also added another pair of shoes, black leather heeled ones from Next to be precise. What do you think? xx


Last weeks arrivals

Unfortunately these are just new season arrivals and not additions to my wardrobe, if only... I took a look at the latest arrivals at My Theresa and we probably all know that there are way too many good items on that site. Especially this season the articles are incredibly gooood, or is that just me?! I like all items above a lot, which one is your favorite?

Pleated sweater dress: Victoria Beckham | Shearling jacket: Isabel Marant Étoile | Leather ankle boots: Balenciaga | D-frame sunnies: Dries van Noten | Rockie shoulder bag: Alexander Wang | Hoop earrings: Bottega Veneta |  Embellished printed tanktop: 3.1. Phillip Lim



What are you looking at?
1. Loved the warm weather last week, perfect for bbq.
2. Spent the past days at my parents place because they were on holiday. That's also why I didn't really updated my blog, sorry for that, I had to look after their five cats ;)
3. Again my new furniture buys.
4. My mothers herb garden.
5. Brought my sewing machine but didn't really had the time to do something with it.
6. Some simple but tasty food, a beefburger with rice and carrots.



New furniture

A few days ago I bought these lovely pieces from my niece. She has her on shop called Home@ssorti, where she sells articles she redesigned or polished. You can also find perfect gift items like soap, cards, perfume bottles and many more.  I think I'm going to use the small drawer to store ribbons and other sewing stuff. The little table/stool is perfect to keep plants. What do you think of these new items? xx


France Besançon

Here are the last photos of our holiday in France two weeks ago. I attempted to soak in as much sun as possible, but after 1 minute in the burning sun I already got too much. So at the end of our holiday my skin still looked snow white, as a matter of fact it still does ;) Anyways, I love this new tee which Mart gave me because he knows I don't own many tees (while writing this I decided I needed more tees so I just ordered a few at COS) I love its Hawaii print a lot, very summery!

Tee: Scotch & Soda | Shorts: Gestuz | Sandals: Birkenstock | Bag: Zara



What are you looking at?
1, 2 & 4. BBQ, Mart and I spent this weekend in our hometown en decided to barbecue together.
3. Flowers during another biking trip last week.
5. Selection of m favorite summer shoes, Miista cut out slingbacks, & Other Stories flatforms, & Other Stories blue sandals, HM Trend sandals, Zara cognac heels & Pikolinos aztec sandals.
6. Tricolore pasta, eating alone means a colorful meal.
7. Another photo of last weeks outfit post.
8. Food.



France Chambéry

You didn't thought that I already had showed all my holiday photos, did you ;) Here some photos I made in the environment of Chambéry in the middle of the France and Swiss alps. xx


HM Trend wishlist

New season equalls new items: HM added new HM Trend items at their website. I made a wishlist of the items I would like to other, what are your favorites?

Sleeveless top €34,95 | Rusty dress €29,95 | Grey romper €29,95 | Pleated leather skirt €99 | Tanktop €14,95 | Textured skirt €39,95 | Striped cropped top €19,95 | Trenchcoat €99 | Mint top €29,95 | Sheer sweater €39,95 


1001 flies and extensions

Hi guys, I can hear you thinking '1001 flies and extensions, what?!' Well let me explain, the first three photos are made today on a little biking trip. I really like spending some time on my bike, but I hate hate hate all these stupid flies. I probably ate 10 flies today and had to wipe 1001 flies of my face ;)

Then the other three photos are of the extensions I received from 1001extensions. A while ago they asked me to review a set of their extensions and since I've never had extensions I agreed to try them out. I really like that their extensions are made of real human hair and are available in many colors. I found the perfect color, it really matches with my own hair color.

They are easy to add because of the clips, they even added three extra clips. The only problem is the thickness, they told me that if I had thick hair I should tell so I would receive two packages, but I thought my hair was normal. So I can really recommend everyone to order two packages because as you can see one isn't enough ;)

Top: Sandro | Leather shorts: Thrifted | Bag: Gestuz | Sandals: Birkenstock | Extensions: 1001extensions


Amsterdam Fashion Week Sunday

Above you can find four looks of the 2love Tony Cohen collection. I like the material use and color scheme. The collection was very detailed and contained many different looks. I like both the metallic dress and the trousers with metallic patches on it. Those sheer fabrics with patterns sewed on remind me of Valentino (is that just me?!).

Beautifully crafted items, loved how edgy this collection looked. These looks are of the Tony Cohen show which is in my opinion normally more feminine. I like the accessories in this collection a lot, especially those leather (?) or waxed cotton hats. I also like the mixed material use, cuts and shapes of these ensembles. xx



What are you looking at?
1. Beautiful garden in the perfume city Grasse, would love to have such an arrangements of plants myself one day.
2. Made a curry-cauliflower risotto mixed with a rosemary garlic focaccia.
3. Would love to have views like this in Holland, unfortunately we don't have landscapes with amazing mountains and hills like Clermont-Ferrand.
4. Another shot of me in Nîmes.
5&6. The little things I bought myself during our holiday in France. Love these little perfume bottles, absolute delicious fragrances.
7. Colorful pasta with smoked chicken. xx


Amsterdam Fashion Week Friday

Went to the openingsnight of Amsterdam Fashion Week yesterday. There was a party organized by Colgate where Marlot and I (first photo) had a few drinks. Then we visited some shows, after the first show we met up with Kiki (third photo) and chatted a bit. I made photos of the SIS show, the sisters Spijkers and Spijkers took us back to the seventies and added a bit of country style. I also took photos at the upbeat catwalk show of Maryme-Jimmypaul, loved the positive energy of that show. As you can see the models where dresses in fun and funky clothing in harajuku style. xx


France Grasse

More photos of last week. We visited the perfume city Grasse, those who follow me on Instagram (@heritagemode) already saw shelves filled with old perfume bottles. Grasse not only has several museums about the history of perfume, I visited the Musée International de la Parfumerie, but also many perfume shops and fields with flowers. A really lovely city located at 20 km distance of Nice, Cannes and near Monaco. xx

Silk top: Episode | Skort: Zara | Sandals: & Other Stories | Sunnies: Vintage Mulberry | Bag: COS


Holiday shopping

When on holiday there is one thing I just cannot ignore, shops, especially shops that just have their new collection delivered and selling amazing items in sale at the same time. So I went on a little shopping spree while in France and bought some items. Two Levi's curve jeans, the skinny and bootcut skinny both in dark indigo wash. At Sandro I bought an amazing striped silk-blend top with a pink and white bodice and babyblue sleeves and a red cotton linen knitted sweater. At H&M I bought a lilac and blue knit and a striped top in sale, I also bought new running shorts. xx


South France: Nîmes

Another holiday report. Yesterday evening we arrived back home and today I already had to work. These photos were made in Nîmes, a city with a rich history in the South of France. Loved the 18th century Jardin de la Fontaine (Fountain garden) which is the main city park where many people come to chat, walk a bit, eat ice-cream or play jeu de boules. Coming week I'll show some more photos of our holiday in France and this weekend will be about Fashion week since Amsterdam Fashion Week starts coming friday. xx

Blouse: Vintage (cut-off) | Shorts: Won Hundred | Leather bag: Zara | Sunnies: Thrifted | Necklace: ByGitte