Beauty product dry shampoo

Let's talk some beauty products. What about dry shampoo?

I was so happy after trying this product for the first time some years ago. It's amazing, I guess more blondes (maybe brunettes as well) can relate to the sort of greasy feeling of hair the day after washing it. Turned out that dry shampoo is the perfect solution to this problem!

What brand is your favorite? Any specific version, like the Batiste XXL volume, the Original or maybe one from Andrélon or Kérastase. xx


Summer at Nytorv in Copenhagen

Another serie of photos we took during my stay in Copenhagen. These photos were taken at the Nytorv, which is a square in the city center of Copenhagen. Around this area you can find shops of the big brands so it's the perfect place to go shopping.

Unexpected summer weather caused that I had to wear the same items over and over again. I wasn't prepared for so many hot days and that is why I brought more long jeans and long-sleeved tops than real summer stuff.

So here is one of my favorite combos, a lace black top with a white shirt collar and a pair of cut off Levi's. I only brought my Birkenstocks so I had no other sandal like shoes to wear, that is why I wore my Nike Running shoes a lot. xx

Lace top: Thrifted | Collar: COS | Shorts: DIY Levi's | Shoes: Nike Free Running | Sunnies: Vintage Mulberry


Impressions of Copenhagen

Here some photos that will hopefully give you an impression of what Copenhagen life looks like. Since the city lies directly on the coast, there is plenty of options to see beautiful seasides over here. I think Copenhagen is a charming small city with a typical 'city architecture', there are many old four and five story buildings in both white tones and pastel shades. But there are also modern buildings and I noticed that they often really fit in; they blend in perfectly with the surrounding buildings.

All in all I think it is a nice charming city, with cute lampposts hanging above the streets. It's a perfect mix of the character of an old city combined with a modern, fancy scandinavian vibe. The Danish people pay attention to details: the people look well groomed, the city is clean, everything is well taken care of (wifi in public transport like in Holland, good looking people on nice bikes and many free museums). I can definitely recommend this city, it is perfect for a city trip. xx


Couscous for lunch

Lately I've felt kinda bored when having lunch, so I decided to try something else. I normally eat couscous for dinner, but this time I turned it into a more fresh, light lunch version. I used an onion, egg-plant (aubergine, whatever you like to call it), courgette and some rasped lemon.

Of course herbs and spices are an important part by making couscous. I used ½ teaspoon of dried coriander, ¼ teaspoon cinnamon and ¼ teaspoon cumin. Do you have any tips or recipes for some good lunch dishes? Something other than sandwiches, soup or salads, xx.


A day in Vesterbro, Copenhagen

These photos are taken some days ago. Mart was here in Copenhagen with me and we spent our day in the lovely area called Vesterbro. It is a place where you can find cute little cafe's and bars but also the Værnedamsvej which is better known as 'Copenhagen's Little Paris'. Go to the Øksnehallen if you are interested in some cultural stuff, then grab some food in one of the many nice food bars (fx Kødbyens Fiskebar). If you decide to spend the evening in the area as well, you will definitely find a nice party since it is known for having a great nightlife. xx

Top: Asos | Jeans: Asos | Bag: Zara 


I won an iPad Mini

Those who follow me on Instagram already know I won an iPad mini. While doing my internship at GLOSSYBOX I got the chance to compete in a pool with the other employees and I had to bet how the countries would do at the World Cup. Somehow I managed to end first :-) That is why I was the lucky person to win an iPad mini, thanks GB! I also received some magazines as a gift from Mart! xx

PS. Sorry for the grainy photos, I made them in the evening..


Piping 2.0: new closet

Some weeks ago I finally ordered all the materials I needed to make a new (hanging) closet. I spent so many hours online to find a closet that offered me all the space I need, looked nice and wasn't too expensive. It turned out that such a closet either doesn't exist or I just couldn't find it. Anyhow, I decided that it was probably better if I just made my own closet and that is what I did.

What I used:
(lightweight) aluminium pipes and alu fastenings to install the whole construction.

The good thing is that you can use the exact space you have. My problem was that the wall has a width of 297 cm and that most closets are either 200 or 300 centimeter wide. Now i could fully use the width of the room. I guess we can call this piping 2.0. :) What kinda closet do you have? xx

PS. Yes I really installed it myself.