MBAFW: Tony Cohen

 Wow, what an amazing dress! It was the last dress in the show, what a masterpiece. The material looks so great, it was floating in the air and moving graciously around dutch supermodel Kim Feenstra.
Loved almost all the looks at the show, great textures and material use! Even though I didn't really like the hats, I have to say that the accessories in general are beautiful. I also loved the color scheme at the show.

There was also a men collection. Actually it was Tony Cohens debut collection for menswear. I really liked the clean cuts and nice material use (satin looking trousers, fishnet tanktop etc)

Thanks CreamPR for having me! xx

MBAFW: Vibrant Pakistan

First part of the Vibrant Pakistan show. As you probably know it was Fashion Week in Amsterdam last weekend and I went to several shows and here are some photos I took. Somehow the light wasn't that great to take photos so I ended up with less sharp photos than usual. I decided to share some of the looks with you anyhow. So it was a really colourful show with a lot of beading, stitching and long lengths.

The second part of the show was dedicated to the menswear from the label Bareezé. I think all men looked really sophisticated and I liked the mixed material and print use a lot. I mean how amazing is the blue leather gilet on top of a crisp white cotton shirt. I'm also into the longer lengths at men, but also the short ankle height trousers.

They ended the show with more looks for both women and men. The colourful top/bodice with all these different materials, pompons and metal beads was definitely my favourite piece. And the audience was also surprised with a performance of six girls who were rocking some great dance moves on oriental music.

Thanks CreamPR for having us! xx


Olympus Playground

Yesterday I went to the Olympus Playground in Amsterdam with Zoë from The Daily Fashion Drug. It was a fun playground, unfortunately not as big as the one that was in Berlin a while ago. It was kinda weird because there was a signing session from a Dutch boyband called B-Brave in the same building, so it was really hectic with a lot of screaming young girls.

Upon arrival we got a Olympus camera with a SD card in it so we could make photos. At every booth there was a sign explaining which settings would result in the best shots. I liked the camera a lot, an easy camera to work with. I'm personally not so sure about the function with all the filter settings, the photos came out quite grainy. All in all I like the camera a lot. xx


What I brought home from Berlin

After spending so many months in the always amazing Berlin, I - of course - brought a lot of stuff home. Some books, magazines, almond body scrub, body butter, post cards, chocolate and nail polishes. Now I just have to find the time to read, eat and treat myself ;-) xx


Baby blue kaftan

It's not that often that I'm wearing a dress, but sometimes I do like it. This blue kaftan version has a nice fit and I love the kimono kinda sleeves. I wore it with my vintage saddle bag and leather booties. xx

Dress: Thrifted | Bag: Vintage | Boots: Zara 


Framed prints from Hagedornhagen

How amazing are these framed photos! At Hagedornhagen they have a passion for creeps and tiny winged creatures, also that is what they say themselves. I'm amazed by the quality of these photos, it's true craftsmanship. Wouldn't mind to have a few of those prints in our home, would you? xx


All Black Errthang

Leather vest: Maison Scotch | Dress: COS | Slippers: Birkenstock | Bag: Zara