All Black Errthang

Leather vest: Maison Scotch | Dress: COS | Slippers: Birkenstock | Bag: Zara


A Tuesday evening in Amsterdam

Last Tuesday I could finally attend a press/bloggersevent again. Since I have lived in Berlin for almost half a year, I had to say no to so many things. Soon I will go back to Berlin to finish my internship and then I will go to Copenhagen for summer school. After the holidays I hope to get back to a more regular blogging rhythm ;-)

The press day was organized by CreamPR for the brand Boohoo. Many people were invited to come check the newest autumn winter collection for 2014. They had both women and mens clothing hanging in the showroom and I liked many thing I saw. Of course there was also taken care of delicious bits and bites, they even had a frietfiets (fritesbike) set up in the parking lot! I also quickly checked the other brands in the showroom and I have to say that I really liked the leather pillows by sprdlx. xx


Lace bras

This is probably not the first time that you are reading a post about lace bras. The thing is, they are just really pretty and we girls just love them (right?!). I mean what is there to complain about a delicate piece of lacy underwear in sexy black, sweet pastel color or a bright funky blue or pink. In the photo I'm wearing my new Ganni Daffodil lace bralette. Click on the images below to buy the bras. xx


Orange is the new Black

Yeah, we won again!! It was a hard game yesterday against the folks from down under (Aussies!) but in the end we won. Then Chili won from Spain, which means that both Holland and Chili are definitely save for another round of soccer. That is why I'm sharing an orange look with you! xx

Top: COS | Jeans: Asos | Leather sandals : COS | Necklace: COS


Triangl Swimwear

Gotta love some good swimwear, I think Triangl Swimwear is doing an amazing job in creating fabulous innovative bikinis. I like their leather look fabric, the mesh layers an the zip front strapless tops. Which swimwear brands are your favorite? xx


What I've done lately

What are you looking at?
1. Roxanne came to visit me in Berlin. We decided to go to the Berlin Zoo, which was amazing due to all the baby animals that were just born.
2. Funny road sign in the zoo, I know what my next destination will be ;-).
3. Some old magazines I still have to read (including all the up following issues).
4. Cute goat mom with her energetic young one.
5 & 6. Cute monkey and weird jellyfishes at the zoo and aquarium.


Short messy hair

Love my new hair! What about you, xx