What are you looking at?
1. Love flower stands, but shops that sell flowers and nice home accessories are even better!
2. Bought a new black skirt at COS a while ago.
3. We went with a Trabi Safari tour in Berlin-Mitte.
4. In the Deutsches Technikmuseum, former Anhalter train station.
5. Love it when the first signs of spring are visible, beautiful blossom tree at Mehringdamm.
6. My GLOSSYBOX for April :-)
7. 'We overbooked the tour and don't have a trabant for you anymore, is it any problem if you get a Mustang instead?' Sure no problem!
8. All Trabants on the parking lot.
9. Some new beauty products, love all the packages a lot.
10. The amazing steering wheel and logo of the fabulous Mustang car!



H&M Skuba skirt at the railway

What I was wearing somewhere last week. My brother came to visit me in Berlin and we went to the Technik museum together. The museum is located in the old Anhalter banhhof train station. Luckily we had nice weather so we could also look around in the outside part where there are several smaller buildings and objects to see. xx

Leather jacket: Dept | Knit: COS | Scuba skirt: H&M Trend | Shoes: Dr Martens | Leather Bag: Zara


Nike Running

Gotta love my new running shoes! I was looking for a pair for quite some time, but didn't really know which ones to pick. In the end I decided to buy these Nike Free Running shoes. Do you have running shoes, if yes: which ones do you wear? xx



What are you looking at?
Here some photos I recently made while in Berlin. When my parents came to visit me, we went to the flea market at the Ostbahnhof and the Botanischer Garten. I really liked seeing all the different plants, trees, flowers and cactus. I think I will buy some more little cactus for at home! xx



Goodmorning! Breakfasts are the best, just finished eating and will head to work now xx


First signs of spring

What I was wearing two weekends ago when my parents came to visit me. We went to a Botanic garten together and my mother took some photos of me. It was a surprisingly dry sunday, we expected rain like the day before. The last two weeks have been amazingly great with lots of sunny days! Do you enjoy the good weather? xx

Coat: Zara | Pullover: COS | Jeans| Acne | Boots: Dr Martens | Bag: Zara | Scarf: Asos


New in: beauty products

About two weeks ago I received my GLOSSYBOX march 2014, but hadn't time to post it yet. The theme of the March box was Inside edition. The boxes all contain five favorite products of Glossy employees. Mine contained a full-size Naobay Moisturizing peeling, mini Nails inc nail polish, full-size Être Belle lip lift peel, full-size Teeez trend french kiss lipgloss and a Mitchell and Peach body cream. I'm really happy with the Noabay product, I also have their oxygenating moisturizing cream and it is amazing! Do you have a subscription on a beauty box? xx