Interior decoration

Sorry for the lack of updates. As you probably saw at my Instagram, I'm in Berlin again. I didn't bring my camera so it's quite hard to update stuff. That's why I made an interior decoration wish list for you guys. I'll be back in Holland by sunday evening so next week I'll post some more! xx

House Doctor striped poof | PT dip dye vase | Cotton Ball lights white | Bloomingville Diamond sketch | Ikea Stockholm graphic pillow | Savon de Marseille olive soap | La Finesse graphic bug poster | Bloomingville concrete decoration | Bloomingville clear vase


Weekly: Housewarming

Last Sunday we had our housewarming party because we moved to a new house two months ago. In those two months we did a lot of building (demolishing the old kitchen, stripping the whole place, letting my uncles re-installing the piping, plastering the walls and placing a new kitchen), sanding, painting, refurnishing etc. Finally we had everything sort of in place and it started to look like a real home, so we decided to celebrate that fact by giving a housewarming party. What are you looking at?

1. We got lots of great gifts to decorate our new home with. My cousin is very creative and has her own shop where she sells items she has made and items she has smartened up. My mother gave me another marble house from Bloomingville, my grandmother gave us candles and my aunt gave me money so we could buy something ourselves and she also gave us a little packet with a towel and nature soap.
2. Beautiful flowers and a wooden spoon which had a gift card for Cook&co tied to it.
3 & 4. Lots of cards with lovely words, gift cards and money. Sometimes even accompanied by beautiful flowers!
5. The Hema gift cards we got from our aunt and uncle have already been spent ;) We bought two new pillows with graphic patterns in grey tones.
6. More gifts, cards and a delicious pie assortment from the famous bakery Koekela in Rotterdam.

Thank you everyone for coming and of course for everything you brought with you (which was totally unnecessary, but also really sweet). xx


Black skirt and heels

What I was wearing yesterday. Finally took my Sandro knit out of my rack to wear it. I wore it with a black coat and a black leather skirts, because leather is always a good idea! xx

Coat: COS | Knit: Sandro | Leather skirt: Thrifted | Tights: Wolford | Booties: Acne | Scarf: Asos | Beanie: Bijenkorf


Sale circus

We all know - and agree I think - that the sale period is amazing. So I couldn't resist creating a little wish list with items I would love to buy if I had the money. As you know we moved to a new apartment a few weeks ago and we celebrated that with a housewarming for friends and family yesterday. So we had it quite busy last week preparing everything and paying attention to the the last - and smallest - details. We also had lots of stuff to buy so that's why I haven't really bought new clothes the past months. This week I will make sure to shoot some outfit photos and be a better blogger. (God, I haven't checked Bloglovin' in ages…!) Hope you're all doing well! xx

Acne Florian red woolen blazer | Fendi leather ankle boots | Proenza Schouler camouflage scarf | Acne Azade woolen top | Dear Cashmere black hat | Stella McCartney cat-eye sunglasses | Proenza Schouler PS11 camouflage bag | Acne Constant woolen trousers


Berlin buys

What I bought during my short trip to Berlin. I had a few meetings and I couldn't resist to do a bit of shopping. Since Berlin is one of my favorite cities (together with Århus and London) I always like strolling down the city. This time I was with Mart and he had never been in Berlin before so - like I told you before - we went to visit the most famous places. While showing Mart some of the popular areas we also payed a visit to my favorite stores.

At one of my favorite antique stores I found an amazing world map (didn't took unrolled photos yet). I finally bought the book 'IT' by Alexa Chung after trying to buy it several times in some local stores but just to find that it was sold out. We went to Voostore and there it was, so I directly grabbed it and took it to the cash register! I also bought a little German phrases booklet for my mother in law. Finally I bought a porcelain robot at Butlers; another store that often sells fun interior items. xx


Berlin look

One of my outfits while in Berlin. I was wearing my favorite Acne watercolor knit, with my all time favorite Cos coat! These photos were taken in the Holocaust memorial, truly a beautiful monument. xx

Coat: COS | Knit: Acne | Jeans: Thrifted Wrangler | Booties: Acne | Scarf: Asos | Bag: Zara



What are you looking at?
Those who follow me on Instagram already know that I was in Berlin last week. I had a few meetings, so I could easily bring Mart with me and show him Berlin in-between. We went both on a touristic tour (not really with a scheduled tour or something like it, but I showed Mart the things Berlin is known for) and on a tour where I showed him my favorite spots. So we of course went to Potsdamer Platz, the Holocaust memorial (Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas), the Reichstag, the Brandenburger Tor, walked down Unter den Linden and did some shopping at Friedrichstrasse and the Kurfürstendamm. But we also visited fun and arty areas like Prenzlauerberg and Kreuzberg. A short but fun trip to one of my favorite cities! xx


Recap 2013

Like I told before, I created a recap of many of the outfits I wore in 2013. So here is a little overview! I died my hair in a reddish shade at the beginning of 2013, I chopped it and let it grow and chopped it again. As you can see I like black, I also like my brown Acne booties (most worn footwear in 2013), I'm addicted to leather, I've got many different coats and jackets. What's your favorite? xx