Short - shorter - shorts

Since we are still eagerly waiting for the sun to come and stay over here in the Netherlands I've still not completed buying my entirely summer wardrobe. My closet is missing a few pairs of shorts so I figures why not make a wish list. Which ones would you like to have yourself? xx


Living in a vintage inspired fairytale

Photos of the amazing lookbook of the Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The beautiful location for this shoot is Hotel De Crillon in Paris. I'm totally in love with this collection, I would definitely be wearing these items if my budget would allow me to. I can personally really appreciate clothing that is inspired by the wonderful craftsmanship of the 19th century or even before that. What do you think, do you see yourself wearing something from this collection? xx

Source: Trendland


Unpredictable weather

What I was wearing yesterday. Although the sun makes it look like a warm and cozy day, the opposite is true. It was really windy yesterday so I needed to wear a thick leather jacket. As you can see I've been practicing my pageant smile, at least that's how smiling with my mouth open feels.

Jacket: Maison Scotch | Silk blouse: Thrifted | Jeans: Asos | Belt: Scotch & Soda 
Necklace: Thrifted | Birdskull necklace: Fashionology



What are you looking at?
1. I love freshly brewed tea, it tastes so much better than regular tea!
2. Courgette and egg plant with baked potatoes and a veggie burger.
3. Last weekend in the church in Kevelaer, Germany.
4. That's me in the showroom of Farouk Systems last friday.

xx How was your weekend?


Farouk Systems bloggersevent

Yesterday I attended a bloggersevent hosted by the lovely crew of Farouk Systems. Together with Kiki who blogs at Chicks About Fashion I went to Amersfoort where the head office of Farouk Systems is located. When we got there we first had something to drink and ate a lovely cupcake (with miniature styling irons and blow dryers on top, how cute?!) We then, together with all the other bloggers, went to another room were a few people told us something about the products of Farouk Systems.

Farouk Systems is a company that manufactures luxury hair care products. The company is based in Houston and founded by Farouk Shami who has worked in the field of hair care product development for decades. Farouk Systems is the first company that invented an ammonia free hair color and also well known because of their popular BioSilk products. We got information about the new lines that are just released, the Chi Keratine treatment, and soon to be released, the volume line. The motto of Farouk is environment, that's why they work with substances like silk and argan oil.

What are you looking at?
1. You can see Kiki (Chicks About Fashion) and me with Hedwich Vigelandzoon who is a famous hairdresser who works during fashion week for brands like Valentino and creates stunning hairdo's for editorials in many fashion magazines.
2. Delicious cupcakes with miniature CHI blow dryers and styling irons.
3. Beautifully decorated showroom.
4, 5, 6. The products in full glory. You can buy those products at John Beerens.com.
7. Surprise act: Dutch artist Glennis Grace who is a spokesperson of Farouk came to the showroom. She directly went on stage and we were lucky to see her doing her thing!
8. Kiki, Glennis Grace, me (sorry I promise I'm going to practice to smile in front of the camera) and Miss Chi (who is also a spokesperson for Farouk Systems).
9. Love to see these shelves filled with all the amazing products of BioSilk. You could even find these products in the restroom so I of course tried the Biosilk Shine on spray which smells delicious!
10. With a few other bloggers and Nathalie den Dekker: not only Miss CHI but also Miss Universe NL.
11. Time for food, mini burgers!
12. The products that were in the goodie bag. We all got this amazing CHI Dual voltage hairstyling iron and could choose three product we would like to take home. I choose for the new Chi Keratine product because it transforms weak hair into strong, healthy and smooth locks. It's the perfect treatment and I can tell you it works. I used it this morning and my hair looks healthier and has a subtle glow.

Thank you Farouk Systems for having me! I'm really happy with those new products and can't wait to try out the other Biosilk products which I already ordered since my boyfriend wanted the mens products ;)


Arnhems Modekwartier: By Gitte

During my lunchbreak I visited the studio of designer Gitte van Helvoirt located in Arnhem. At the MoMarket I came in contact with her designs and I really liked the necklaces she sold. Today I bought that particular necklace; a rose-golden tube surrounded by a piece of hand-stitched leather. It's amazing isn't it?! When I saw all the other amazing felt/leather iPad and iPhone covers, notebooks, leather cardholders and dotted pockets I knew I had to add something to my purchase. I decided to buy this dotted etui which I'm already using as an everyday make-up bag. One day I will buy my own leather sewing machine, love hers! If you are interested in the designs of Gitte you can find a small selection on her webshop, if you live in Arnhem you can visit the Mediamarkt (speciaal rekje met items van ontwerpers uit het Modekwartier!!) or you can wait till the next MoMarket!



Summer wishlist

Hopefully summer will come some day now, it's almost June and still no sign of summer. Unfortunately we had a nice and cozy not so summery 10 degrees Celsius today. While waiting for better weather I'm finding many things online I would love to wear! How is the weather at your place?

Prada cat eye sunniesChloé sequined tulle dress | Ancient Greek Alethea sandals | Antik Batik embellished clutchChalayan tuxedo jacket | Ksubi distressed denim shortsIsabel Marant Carol sandals | Alice by Temperley top 


Into the wild

Another outfit post for you guys. While at my parents I went into the woods to take some photos. Again wearing these men shoes because they're the most comfortable shoes I own and I like the oxford style. xx

Leather gilet: Maison Scotch | Silk top: Pepe jeans | Trousers: Dept | Shoes: Vintage | Necklaces: COS



What are you looking at?
1. One of my two cats Coco is chilling on the bed while we were trying to change the sheets.
2 & 3. Visited a few fleamarkets in Germany yesterday with my family. Of course with a scheduled break at a Bäckerei with delicious cakes.
4. We also payed the pilgrimage town Kevelaer a quick visit.
5. Cuties at my parents place, Tijger sniffs at the head of Tommie.
6. Risotto with taugé, mushrooms, carrots and feta cheese.
7. Beautiful Arnhem.
8. Delicious after dinner treat, my guilty pleasure!

Sorry for the delay but I guess it's ok to post my weekly on a monday for once since it's Pentecost (Pinksteren). I have an outfit ready for tomorrow. xx


Boyfriend jeans and velvet bomber

Todays look. Sorry for the blurry face, Mart still has a hard time manual focussing on the right spot. We're always fighting during an outfitshoot ;) I'm fighting to keep my face in place while Mart's trying hard to focus. Whatever I say or show there's nothing that helps him. I guess the optician hasn't measured him the right glasses, haha. Hope you had a good Saturday so far, enjoy your evening! xx

Velvet bomber: Thrifted | Tee: COS | Jeans: Zara | Necklaces: COS and DIY | Shoes: Vintage


Long Coat Inspiration

What is more perfect than a long coat. Exactly, nothing! During wintertime and summertime (well springtime) I like wearing long coats, but I always find it hard to find nice ones. Above you can see six different long coats: three more summer appropriate and three winter-proof versions. I think I'm going to hunt for a long waistcoat like the one in the first photo or a long trench in navy or checked maybe, mm.. difficult. What do you think? xx

Sources: Stockholm Streetstyle, Lee Oliveira & unknown


Checked and woven

Todays look. Another plaid shirt, an original flannel this time. Compared with a lace dress and a woven leather clutch. Back to wintery looks it is.

Leather jacket: Dept | Plaid shirt: Thrifted | Lace dress: Thrifted | Tights: Wolford  
Booties: Acne | Clutch: COS | Necklaces: COS & Fashionology



What are you looking at?
1. This week all June editions (Glamour, Elle, Vogue) came in and the Vogue added a tee with it. So during breakfast I had something to read.
2. Everything is starting to get its green leafs, love how colorful and bright everything looks.
3. Interior details.
4. A try-out meal: sauerkraut, apple, white bean paste and a hint of cinnamon. Perfect with a beer.
5. Just a few days ago we were still shooting photos outside without wearing a jacket but unfortunately the weather isn't that great anymore. Today we went back to weather that asks for knits and leather jackets, kinda depressing.
6. Asparagus, salmon and rice.



(Holo) graphic

Todays look, a bit depressing because of the weather. Wearing a dress I bought a while ago but don't wear that often. The fabric is really thick and stretchy, so when I walk it doesn't stay down. It's a kinda dress that makes you pulling and hoisting the whole day to keep it in place. But anyway due to lack of inspiration I decided to put in on since I planned to stay in all day to study. What did you do today and any plans for tonight? xx

Parka: Acne | Leather gilet: Maison Scotch | Graphic dress: Asos | Tights: Wolford  
Booties: Acne | Clutch: HM Trend | Bracelets: COS | Nail polish | GOSH


Feature in Medium Magazine with This Chick's Got Style

Got featured in Medium, the magazine of my study at the University of Amsterdam. They wrote an article about blogging called 'Let's blog'. The girl who wrote it, Dyan, asked me to answer a few questions about blogging. You can find the text above. Since the article was about blogging in general, I've only highlighted the parts that deal with fashion blogging. As you can see she also wrote about Yara from This Chick's Got Style in the article, who is also in the photo (for those who don't know her).

P.S. I'm sorry for my international readers, the whole article is written in Dutch. xx


Wrapped around plaid shirt/skirt

Todays outfit. I've been busy all day with making plans for our probably soon to be new home. We've been house hunting for a few months now and found something we both really like. Next week I'll know more about that. I hope it will work out ok because it would be great to have an extra room and a small garden in the middle of the city. Love the apartment we've been living in for the past two years as well though, but some space would be nice. How was your day? xx

Leather gilet: Maison Scotch | Red blouse: Maison Scotch | Plaid shirt: Thrifted | Jeans: Asos | Cypress boots: Acne