Dressmas with Boohoo

Went to the Dressmas evening with Boohoo style at the Cream PR showroom yesterday. It was a nice evening with fellow bloggers where we had the chance to not only see the newest winter collection of Boohoo but also the upcoming christmas collection. Loved the tartan tops and silky bomber jackets. xx

Shop your favorite Boohoo items over here, or click on my favorites:

P.S. Sorry for the radio silence! With the whole moving process I hadn't internet access so I couldn't upload anything. I promise I will be a better blogger in November and the coming months.


Levis Curved ID Jeans

Obviously wearing shoes I use for painting and construction tasks: my black leather All Stars. Easily cleaned and comfy enough to wear all day. I'm also wearing one of my Levi's curve jeans which fits like a glove. I was on my way to our new house for some more wall painting and floor sanding. xx

Leather jacket: Episode | Knit: H&M | Jeans: Levi's Curved ID | Leather All Stars: Converse | Scarf: Scotch & Soda | Bag: Zara



What are you looking at?
1. Searching for some home inspiration.
2. My Acne Star booties that I wore during my latest outfitpost, here.
3. A3 and A4 folders for sale, love the design.
4. Since the week is all about painting and learning the food has to be easy.
5. Mart wearing his favorite Scotch parka again.
6. Omar Munie phone cases in every imaginable color and material. xx


Paris Fashion Week Part 2

My other favorites! I really like the collections of Saint Laurent since Hedi Slimane was employed. Although I have to admit that I don't really like how the make-up and hair goes with the outfits. But I'm pretty sure I will like the vibe of the upcoming editorials, just like the previous season. Love the shimmery gold and the prints at Dries van Noten, the sheer items at Isabel Marant and the femininity and the amazing pumps at Christian Dior. xx


Munie Chocolate Night

Went to the Omar Munie Flagshipstore in Den Haag yesterday with fellow blogger Amanda. I was invited to attend this special Chocolate Night, so of course I couldn't say no! The combination of leather bags and chocolate cloaked strawberries made it a great night. I also liked the chocolate bag and shoes collection which were part of a collaboration between Omar Munie and the chocolatier! How amazing are those leather phone cases?! xx


Paris Fashion Week 1

As always are the best collections showed during Paris Fashion Week. So I have two parts. Here are the first ones of my favorites. xx


Oversized pink fluffiness

Every girl gotta love a fluffy pink coat. Although I'm not really the girly girl, I do like my new cozy pink coat. And finally its cold enough to start wearing it. Mine is from Asos but is sold out already. I created a small list filled with pink hotness for those of you that haven't found the perfect pink coat. xx

Coat: Asos | Jumper: COS | Jeans: Thrifted Wrangler | Booties: Acne (Star) | Beanie: Bijenkorf | Bag: COS



What are you looking at?
1. Inspiration time and I'm gonna have a bonsai tree, the cutting is in the water and is hopefully devoting its energy to root production ;)
2. Amazing Nike sneakers from Mart, get them here.
3. Was featured on Blue is in fashion this year in an article about the Acne bird print exploded flower sweater I wore here and here.
4. Breakfast: croissants, tea and muesli-yoghurt.
5. Roses from my girls, we went out and had amazing dinner at tapas restaurant La Luna.



Plaid Inspiration

I love plaid items, like the coats and tops in the last fall-winter CĂ©line and Stella McCartney shows. Have you bought anything checked yet, maybe a plaid shirt, a Stella jumper or a plaid scarf? Here some inspiration! xx


Home Inspiration

Since I'm in the middle of moving and decorating our new home I could definitely use a bit of inspiration. There are so many webstores that are specialized in selling amazing home stuff that I'm starting to lose my mind ;) Hopefully I will win the lottery coming month so we can afford all the amazing items I've found online. Then we can certainly create something like the above photos. Fingers crossed! Are you planning on redecorating your home? xx

Sources: Unknown



What are you looking at?
1 & 2. Bought three new tops at Maison Scotch. They opened a special outlet webstore last week, so I ordered a few items. A striped longsleeve, a tie dye longsleeve with mesh elbow patches and a shortsleeved sweat with gold and neon sleeves.
3. It has been a long time since I ate taco's but they sure did taste as good as always.
4. Like I told you before, we finally got the keys to our new house. That means that the past week has been all about painting and sanding.
5. The kitchen was terrible so we decided to take it out, at the moment it looks like a construction site.

How was your weekend? xx


From head to toe

Head to toe Acne: obviously a brand I like a lot. I didn't realize I was wearing just one brand till I put the photos on my macbook. Those jeans are by far the most worn pair I own and 'cause I have three pair of Acne booties it isn't exceptional to wear both together. Normally I would try to escape wearing outfits with only items of one brand. I guess since all items are from different collections it doesn't really matter that much. I'm still in love with my sweater and luckily it's getting colder so I can wear it more often. xx

Parka: Acne | Sweater: Acne | Jeans: Acne Jeans | Cypress boots: Acne


Milan Fashion Week

My favorite collections showed during Milan Fashion week. I like both the extensive decorated models at Dolce & Gabanna which, like the past seasons, looked religious inspired and the clean minimalstic approach at Max Mara and Jil Sander. Fendi was a bit in-between 'cause the shapes and cuts were very clean but the bags and sunnies were a bit funky. What's your favorite? xx