HM Trend Quilted bomber jacket

And here is the jacket in full swing! I already gave you guys a preview in yesterdays post. I really like this edgy printed bomber jacket from the HM Trend collection. I'm wearing my new Asos bag with it as well, inspired by the Givenchy Obsedia obviously ;)

And!! I pierced my ear saturday with a halix stud. I'm planning to take another one right next to this one and I'm going to wear really tiny rings in it. But of course the first month I have to wear this tiny stud and than I can replace it for something my choice. Do you like it? xx

Bomber: HM Trend | Tee: American Apparel | Jeans: Acne | Belt: Scotch Soda 
Bag: Asos | Shoes: Acne | Scarf: Asos | Earcuff: Asos



What are you looking at?
1. Today we shot some photos in my parents garden, were all blossoms are in full bloom now. So pretty!
2. Made this fresher version of the normal very wintery stew. With potatoes, rucola, salmon and shrimps.
3. My new HM Trend bomber jacket, if you follow me on Instagram (@heritagemode) you allready saw it. I love love love this jacket, it's the perfect summer coat.
4. More from the outfit I shot today. I'm wearing Acne jeans and boots and an Asos bag.
5. Another shot from the look I posted this week. Wearing a metallic sleeved leather jacket from the Dutch brand Maison Scotch. I paired it with an Acne tee, Isabel Marant trousers and a COS bag.
6. More food; a sandwich with a veggie burger, grilled aubergine/eggplant and courgette, rucola and tomatoes. Yummy!
7. Already trying out an orange outfit for the change of throne in the Netherlands, which will happen during Queensday coming Tuesday. And I'm wearing many different chain necklaces with it.



High on my wish list: Saint Laurent bowling bag

Oh my god this bag is amazing! Is it just me or is this bag really perfect?! You can buy this beauty at MyTheresa for €1550,-. It's a two toned bowling bag with an extra shoulder strap from Saint Laurent!
''Every timelessly elegant wardrobe calls for a perfectly crafted handbag and this Saint Laurent monochrome leather version is one flawlessly sophisticated solution to this sartorial staple.''

What do you think of this bag: yay or nay?! xx


The lightness of beauty - Vogue Japan April 2013

Love love love this editoral from the Japanese Vogue April 2013. It's called 'The lightness of beauty' and features model Iris van Berne. As you probably know I'm not the biggest fan of golden accessories but seriously even I must admit that these shoes are amazing! Those sheer layers peeking from underneath the knitted sweaters and tops are amazing as well. Love the whole vibe of this shoot! Give me that ChloƩ bag please :)



Blossoms in the park; spring has finally sprung

Todays attire. Finally managed to capture some beautiful blossom trees on camera, with myself underneath that is. Last year I didn't have that much time during the week they were in full bloom, a week later the flowers already had fallen of. The temperatures reached an impressive 20 degrees (Celsius) today, so we definitely could call this a spring day. Love to take these lightweight Isabel Marant trousers out for the first time and the thin fabric proved to be perfect for todays weather. How was your day? xx

Leather jacket: Maison Scotch | Tee: Acne | Trousers: Isabel Marant | Leather shopper: COS  
Necklace: Maison Scotch | Booties: Deena & Ozzy | Sunnies: Random


Wishlist: the basics that are still missing

Sometimes it's quite hard to find some decent basic items. And when you find the perfect basics, it takes a while to convince yourself in buying them (at least for me it works like that). Often those really perfect basics are a bit more expensive than you would expect so it's easier to spend your money on a more outstanding piece than just something plain. But in the end those basic items are the ones you grow attached to because you can always count on those to complete your look. So I made a wishlist of basic items that I would love to add to my wardrobe. A pair of Acne mid rise slim fitted jeans in a light color, H&M black leather jacket with padded details, a Lee patchwork denim shirt, Mulberry Alexa satchel, two-toned KG London loafers and Karen Walker tortoiseshell sunnies.

What basic items are you craving for?


Double it up

Yesterdays outfit. Just a simple comfortable look because I did nothing at all. I spent my sunday with uhmm sleeping, eating, driving around, eating outside (!!). Like I said; nothing at all ;) But I do enjoy those sundays, because sometimes it's just perfect to chill and relax and act weird (as you can see in the photos). Since the weather wasn't that good yet I took my favourite leather jacket with me. This resulted in a double jacket outfit. How was your weekend?

Leather jacket: Dept | Jacket: Humanoid | Silk top: Episode | Jeans: Acne | Booties: Deena & Ozzy



What are you looking at?
1&4. More photos from last weeks Saint Laurent inspired outfit (full post here).
2, 5 & 6. At the Coebergh PR showroom during the press day.
3. Some food from last week, a healthy lunch!



Coebergh PR Press day

Yesterday I visited the Coebergh PR Showroom. Lots of beautiful stuff and some great goodies!
On the first four photos you can see items from the Bibi van der Velden collection, both jewelry and a few items like the jacket and headwear. The scarfs that are beautifully presented on black chairs are from POM Amsterdam. You probably remember my own POM scarf (here) which is very summer like, I have to say that the new winter collection looks great as well. Colorful bracelets from Sal Y Limon. Beautiful mens shoes from Floris van Bommel and gorgeous mens clothing from Zegna.

They also got a new brand in the showroom which is called Belaqise. They've got beautiful outerwear made from the fines material like cashmere and silk. The style reminded me a bit of brands like Max Mara and Jil Sander: an effortlessly feminine style. The mannequins are dressed in beautiful dresses and gowns of the Dutch designer Edwin Oudshoorn. If you ever get the chance please take a look at all the amazing details up close, I promise you it's just magnificent! Furthermore Coebergh presents brands like Rituals, Van Gils, Sandwich, John Frieda and the newest Adidas eyewear collection. In the last photo you can see the amazing goodies that were inside my goodie bag! Unfortunately I didn't had time to visit other press days, I love seeing the newest collection in the showrooms.



DIY Distressed denim shorts

With the coming summer in my mind I decided to search for some denim shorts. But my boyfriend wanted to throw away an old pair of Levi's jeans, so I took them and turned them into shorts. They definitely fit in the range 'boyfriend' jeans, since they are quite loose. But hey, never complain when you've got yourself some free shorts! Just cut off both legs and use a seam ripper to loosen up the threads and fringe the seam. Then throw in the wash machine and you will see that the white threads will become more loose and the damage will look more natural.



Nike Performance Running equipment

Within two weeks I hope to get started with running since I'm not doing anything right now. I guess if I need some motivation it would be some new stuff for running. I wouldn't mind running around head to toe in Nike Performance. Just everything from their Perfomance line is great and since I already own many Nike items I can tell from my own experience that the quality never disappoints. What do you wear when working out?


All items available through Zalando


Saint Laurent inspired look with wide brimmed hat

Love Hedi Slimane's black magic women with wide brimmed hats. So I figured, why not grab my own and create a Saint Laurent inspired look. So that is exactly what I did, I think it turned out pretty well. I would love to add another black hat to my hat collection; one that is more fedora like. I love this Fashionology bird skull necklace I made/got at the CreamPR DIY event two weeks ago. I've worn it almost every day since, you get 30% discount on their site by using the code: SPRING30.

And here is my new hair, it's about 15 cm shorter and I dyed it a bit lighter. Coming week I will also add highlights to create the ultimate summer haircolor (at least that's what I'm aiming for). What do you think of my new haircut? xx

Marabou feather jacket: Thrifted | Silk top: Pepe Jeans | Jeans: Thrifted | Hat: Thrifted | Sandals: Deena & Ozzy  
Necklace: Fashionology | Spike bracelet: DIY | Bracelets: COS | Rings: DIY



What are you looking at?
1. Newbies; bought another pair of sandals, these are from HM Trend and some grape earrings. The pink bra is from House of Holland and a Givenchy Obsedia inspired bag from Asos.
2. Flowing hair, when it was still long. I chopped it today and dyed it a bit more blonde.
3. Doing some study for school which is always a lot easier when you can eat delicious pancakes!
4. Last weeks outfit accompanied with some of the first sunbeams.
5. Breakfast time with lovely napkins.



Closet Confessions: Thrifted Jackets

Like the title of this post says: I have some confessions to make. As you can see I own loooots of thrifted jackets. Never noticed it before though. When my boyfriend commented about how many jackets I had I started counting and just then I realized that there so many jackets hanging on my rack. So I thought I will filter everything and throw all other stuff out so that only the thrifted jackets are left. Then I took these photos.

Let me explain the huge amount of jackets. I've worked in a second hand shop for about two years. So basically all I saw when I was working were racks full of amazing items. That's how all these beauties ended in my closet! (Yup, these are only the jackets that are bought second handed, let's not start about thrifted coats or newly bought jackets...;)



Win this fabulous Asos earcuff on my Facebook page!!

Everyone can take part in this give-away, go to Heritage Mode's Facebook page to participate. The last photo is something I posted a while ago at my Facebook page, the one in the right bottom corner is the one you can win! So join this give away if you would like to win this beauty! Yes, I hosted this give away to celebrate my first blog birthday, which was last month!