Dutch brand: Blue Blood

Photos from Blue Blood

I still remember when I first saw their collection in The Globe in Arnhem a couple of years ago. I instantly fell in love with their craftsmanship and strong personality. Their denims are of amazing quality so I didn't hesitated and started saving money (I think I was around 14 so saving was necessary) and bought a beautiful pair of deep indigo washed jeans. I had them for quite a while and said my goodbyes a few years ago. I'm not sure what happened with Blue Blood, it was a really popular brand here in the Netherlands but suddenly it was a sort of gone. I'm happy to see that there totally back and still know how to create beautiful pieces. Next week when I'm at the uni I'll drop by one of their stores to try some boyfriend jeans! What do you think of Blue Blood?


P.S. Aren't those zebra booties amazing!


Milan Fashion Week

Marni: fur (dead animals everywhere), leather, boxy shapes, rich fabrics and a wide rang of accessories.

Gucci: Monochrome, snakeskin, thick fabrics, boxy shapes, two-pieces, printed leafs and lace-up booties.

 Jil Sander: Cropped trousers, pleated leather, uniform look, violet, ponyhair and buckled booties.

 Dolce & Gabanna: Sicilian church prints, round necklines, lace, gemstones, golden crosses and crowns.

Prada: Off-shoulder, two way zippers, short jackets, uneven hemlines, harnesses, and bondage footwear.



The last snowflakes

Leather jacket: Dept | Woolen gilet: Maison Scotch | Sweater: HM Trend | Jeans: DIY
Scarf: Scotch & Soda | Booties: Acne

Hopefully the last days of snow. During the past few weeks the weather has been quite unpredictable. Every few days I woke up in a white wonderland, like this weekend. My brother took some photos, and we obviously had a lot of fun ;). The snow made my skin even look paler than usual, I'm almost as white as the snow itself. But I'm glad I'm wearing my new cheerful flamingo sweater, to brighten up the gloomy weather. How was your weekend?



All my luggage is Samsonite

Above items all available here.

A few years ago I went looking for a decent brand to get a suitcase. Soon it was decided that it had to be a Samsonite since many people around me have carried theirs for about 10 years and they are still in great condition. I went to the store and tried some suitcases (I mean it has to suit you, right?!) and bought this small black one with soft sides and frames. I chose for a soft version because it's a small lightweight suitcase and because it's soft there is room to squish your case in that tiny metal frame and take it on board with you. It also has four wheels which makes it really easy to move around.

Now with the summer holidays coming up I need to think about where and how to go. If we decide to go somewhere by plane, I'll buy another bigger Samsonite suitcase. The small one in the photo can carry like 10 kg, the bigger one should be big enough to fit like 20 kg. Also the new one should have a hard case since it will be in the cargo compartment. The hard case will protect it against bumps and knocks a little better. The good thing about Samsonite is that they have those lightweight ranges, so you can add a lot of stuff without being overweight.

How do you pack your stuff when going on holiday?

PS. In the pictures you can see some basic stuff I carry around when I'm going somewhere.



What are you looking at?
1. New pink colored flamingo's on my grey sweater and my hologram clutch.
2. Eating tortilla's, simple but delicious food!
3. Packing my suitcase because I spend the weekend at my parents place.
4 & 5. New items, flamingo sweater, scuba skirt and hologram clutch all HM Trend
6. Lunch with my boyfriend, making some sandwiches!



Home Inspiration

Some inpspiration for you guys! Love the glitter wolf and pine-apple!


Hologram madness

Bomber jacket: Maison Scotch | Perforated knit: COS | Leather trousers: Goosecraft  
Scuba skirt: HM Trend | Hologram clutch: HM Trend | Booties: Acne | Necklaces: COS

Yesterdays outfit. I was wearing my new scuba skirt, which I in fact was wearing again today. And I know you probably have seen this clutch way too many times by now, but still I like it! It took a while before they delivered it at my home, but here it is finally. Like I told you last week, the weather finally makes it possible to take my jackets out of my closet. It gives me a lot more options when I'm getting dressed in the morning.

I want to do something with my hair, any suggestions? Like getting a haircut, or dye it in a different color..


London Fashion Week Part 2

Belt Chloé | Trenchcoat Wanda Nylon | Earrings Noir Jewelry | Boots Alexander Wang | Leather dress 3.1. Phillip Lim | Bag Alexander Wang | Sunnies Hout Couture

Mulberry: leather, fur, all white ensemble, big collars, two piece bottoms and matching accessories.

Eudon Choi: leather, fur, stripes, leather trackpants, boxy shapes, russian folklore, brocade details.

J JS Lee: thick woolen fabrics, rollnecks, all white ensemble, violet, razorfront tops and Vanslike shoes.


London Fashion Week Part 1

 Burberry Prorsum: Cow print, plastic coats, ponyhair, leather and metallic details.

J.W. Anderson: All white, shiny/plastic material, fur, rollnecks, boxy shapes, vanslike footwear.

Topshop Unique: Patent leather, bare midriff, boxy shapes, furs and cowboy boots.

Charlie May: All white, sheer fabrics, rollnecks, boxy shapes, plastic paneled bags, t-strapped pumps.

The collections presented during London Fashion Week are just as perfect as the ones in NY! xx



Another weekly for you guys, hope you all had a good week?! What are you looking at?
1. Time for breakfast. Muesli yogurt, kiwis, coffee and water while reading the first issue of the magazine Cereal, so Volume one! It's a magazine for food and travel and a perfect morning read, get yours here.
2. My lovely grandma bike, perfectly reliable for the snowy weather we had the past weeks.
3. Taking my new Acne star booties (bought them at Humanoid during the Arnhemse Stockdagen) out for a walk.
4. Todays kiwi/mango smoothie. As you can see I made them with Valentine in mind ;).
5. Made some chicken soup last week, with breadsticks made from cornbread.
6. These boots are definitely made for walking, find the whole outfit post here.
7. Yesterdays foodporn. Chestnut mushrooms with chopped paprika and Dana blue cheese on sweet potato rösti.



Quilted denim jacket

Denim Jacket: Thrifted | Knit: Thrifted | Leather skirt: Thrifted | Black collar: Loftet | Beaded collar: Maison Scotch | Belt: Scotch & Soda | Leather boots: Custom made in Italy | Earring: Asos

What I was wearing today. All the snow that fell last week has already melted. And since the temperatures slowly start to rise I can leave my wintercoats at home and take my jackets out for a spin. I'm also wearing my custom made leather boots, still love the way they are cut: high in front and low in back. I hope the cold will leave us soon so I can start wearing the new spring/summer collections that are slowly dropping in stores. At the moment I'm greedily watching the shows at LFW to see what we can expect for the next winter. How about you, what are you up to?



NY Fashion Week Part 3

Proenza Schouler: feathers, boxy shapes, sheer fabrics, turtlenecks, leather clutches and pointy shoes.

Theyskens Theory: Oversized knits, leather trousers, ponyhair, boxy shapes and huge boots.

Victoria Beckham: ponyhair, boxy shapes, thick wool fabrics, checks, turtlenecks and ankle cuffed booties.

Elizabeth and James: boxy shapes, quilted fabrics, leather overalls, lace, checks and lace up booties.

The last cover-up of New York fashion week, all are fall winter 2013/2014 collections. LFW coming up, xx


Zara February Lookbook

February Zara Lookbook now on their site. Love this collection, they took it to a whole new level. It's much cleaner and just plain perfect. Especially in love with the black playsuit kinda item, cropped tops and the Proenza Schouler inspired wrap around skirt. What do you think of this new Zara minimalism?



I'm wearing a tee

Coat: COS | Blazer: Madness | Tee: Acne | Jeans: Acne | Boots: Thrifted | Bag: Zara  
Necklaces: COS, Asos | Scarf: Asos | Belt: Scotch & Soda 

Another outfit post, sandwiched between cover ups of the newest collections that are shown at the Fashion Weeks. As you probably saw in the title, it's quit rare to see me wearing a tee. I don't know why but I just never seem to buy or wear tee shirts. I have a few silk tees but if I wear them it's mostly in combination with a jacket or blazer. That's why I bought two tees during the COS sale and the one I'm wearing in these photos during the Arnhemse Stockdagen. Do you often wear tee shirts?



NY Fashion Week Part 2

3.1Phillip Lim: fur, leather, cow, biker, boxy fitted items, cross body bags and massive gaits.

Vera Wang: sheer layers, fur, oversized knits, boxy fitted dress, bare shoulders, ankle straps and harness.

Rag&Bone: quilted leather trousers, boxy fitted sweaters, stay ups, cloglike footwear and leather trims.

Tibi: leather trousers, pony hair, boxy fitted sweaters, all white, sheer material and leather collar.

Again all collections are presented at Style.com. It was especially hard to choose four looks of the 3.1Phillip Lim collection, it was by far the best collection I've seen so far. But that doesn't mean that the other collection aren't noteworthy. I love all the grunge like items that are coming down the runway, especially the boxy fitted sweaters and coats. Do you have any favorites?