End of Summer

Tomorrow my new and last year as a student starts, that means summer is officially over. On Friday I came back from a two week road trip through Scandinavia where these photos are taken. Remember my post where I told you that it has been quite some time since I visited the beach, well here is the proof that I finally went again. Of course I had to, now that I have this nice bikini from Lagoen. In my previous post about this bikini you can read more about the brand and their products (here). 

So we took some quick photos to show you the bikini and how it fits. I like that the bottom has a normal size (I mean did you never notice that bikini pants are often size tiny, as in 'where is the fabric?!'). It's great that these bikinis are made for real women and that they are also comfy when you aren't a size zero. What do you think of the anthracite color and model? xx

Bikini: Lagoen Holland | Scarf: Pom Amsterdam | Hair tie: Lagoen Holland

PS. For those who are also still studying, cheers to another year of being a student!


When in Oslo

At the moment I'm not in Norway anymore, but here some photos from last week. I have to admit that I wasn't that impressed by what I saw of Norway. I guess that if too many people say something is amazing you have certain expectations that are hard to meet. We stayed at the ***** Lysebu Hotel on top of the mountain in the Northern part of Oslo, the view was amazing (you could see both the city center and the entire Oslo fjord).

We of course went to the city center and its surrounding areas. The Opera House was definitely beautiful (I will show you some photos soon) but the areas I liked best are called Uranienborg, Vika and Frogner. The photos above are all taken over there. I loved the huge tall buildings with their charming facades, there were also many good shops in the area (Fillipa K, MS Icon AS, L'Occitane, etc.) Have you ever been to Oslo?

Top: Vintage | Jeans: Acne Studios | Sandals: Birkenstock | Sunnies: Ray Ban Erica


Uggerby Strand

At the moment I'm in Sweden, but these photos were taken last week when we were staying close to Hirtshals to take the ferry to Norway. There was a beautiful beach called Uggerby Strand where we enjoyed the sunset and its beautiful pink and lilac hues. I can't wait to go back and stay a bit longer so I can explore the beautiful area. Have you ever been to North Jutland? xx

Blouse: Maison Scotch | Jeans: Acne Studios | Sandals: Birkenstock 

P.S. After taking dozens of photos I finally managed to capture the impressive sunset. I'm thinking of printing the first photo, frame it and hang it in our bedroom, what do you think?


When in Aarhus

When In Aarhus.. 

I love love love this city! It is so charming with streets laid with cobblestones, located on the west coast of Denmark with a nice harbor and the buildings are characteristics with appealing store fronts. There are shops spread throughout the city and there are also many cafes and restaurants, you will definitely not get bored here. I think I have to start saving money to buy an apartment asap :-)

Definitely a must-visit when in Denmark! xx


Windy Århus

Since Århus is situated along the eastern coast and the city centre is directly facing the sea there is a lot of wind. We tried to take some outfit photos, but I have to admit it is quite hard when your hair is dancing around - and repeatedly in front of - your face. Well we did our best and this is the result ;-)

At the moment we are in Oslo where our hotel is located on top of the hill so we have an amazing view over the Oslofjord and the city centre. We just had breakfast and now we are changing into our sport outfit and going for a bootcamp at the Olympic ski jump: Holmenkollbakken.

Have you ever been in and around Oslo and have tips of what we should do or visit? xx

Shirt: Maison Scotch | Jeans: Acne | Leather espadrilles: Lika Mimika | Bag: Zara


Botanischer Garten Kiel

At the moment I'm already in Aarhus, Denmark but these photos were taken during our stop in Kiel, Germany yesterday. Of course there was nothing open on Sunday so we went to the Botanical Gardens close to the city center. Luckily we could get a cop of coffee at Starbucks and then we watched some large boats leaving at the harbor.

Bye for now, I have to go, score me some breakfast! ;-) Vi ses!


Holiday Reading Material

Last weekend I had some extra time on my hands and decided to sort out the piles and piles (!) of magazines and books I had lying around. I (re)discovered these two gems and directly put them with the stuff that I'm taking with me when going on holiday this weekend.

Guess these will perfect for relaxing at the pool..

Yes I'm going to swim!! Haven't done that in years since I'm not really fan of going to the beach (That actually is because of the sun, I always end up looking like a tomato), anyways there still are swimming pools. We just happen to have booked a hotel a bit North of Oslo that has amazing spa facilities including a huge serene inside swimming pool, so obviously I have to go swimming.

And since I finally am the proud owner of a bikini again (yes I didn't have a bikini... well I didn't visit the beach so why would I have one?!), I'm more than ready for an early morning dive. I have to admit that even though I never missed not having one, I secretly ordered another bikini and a bathing suit so  I do have options. Maybe I will even try the ocean again! At least I can always relax and enjoy my book and magazine! What do you take with you on holiday? xx


Holiday Wishlist

Next weekend I will finally go on holiday, hurray! I was thinking about what to pack and if I maybe have to buy something that might be useful. Well all of the above would be useful but probably not really necessary, what does your favorite holiday outfit look like? xx

PS. That bikini though!

Suede heels: Paloma Barceló | Linen shirt: Equipment | Chambray shorts: Rag & Bone | Bikini: Mara Hoffman | Sunglasses: Cutler and Gross | Tassled bag: Saint Laurent | Panama hat: Rag & Bone | Hand cream: Aesop | Bracelets: Carolina Bucci


Awkward Length Jeans

By now you probably have seen plenty of these awkward length jeans, simply because they are the new cropped jeans. They've become just a tad bit shorter than your average cropped jeans and instead of a fringed hem [due to our diy chopping skills] they now are nicely finished.

The jeans I'm wearing are from Levi's and I like that it's a pair made out of a sturdy mediumweight 14 oz denim. Also if you don't have a pair of grey jeans, you should definitely buy one because they go nicely with almost everything. xx

Leather Jacket: Dept | Top: Maison Scotch | Jeans: Levi's | Shoes: Clark Originals | Bag: Zara