When in Brussels

On monday it was Kingsday here in Holland. Since I decided to not attend the festivities I opted it was best to go abroad. So we went to Brussels for the day. We didn't really have a schedule or so, we just wandered around a bit, enjoyed the sunny weather, ate a waffle, had some beers in a nice pub, visited nice stores and finished the day with dinner in the city.

For those that haven't been there yet, you should definitely go to the Grote Markt because you will be impressed by the amazing architecture with all the golden details on the buildings. If you want to have a nice dinner, please leave the Grote Markt and go to the Vismarkt (the fishmarket), there are plenty of cozy restaurants. The Sint-Katelijne church is worth a visit as well and if you go to the Zavelwijk (le Sablon area) you can buy some macarons at Ladurée and enjoy the old buildings.

For the Dutchies, how was your Kingsday? xx

Coat: Vintage Burberry | Shirt: Asos | Leather Gilet: Maison Scotch | Trousers: COS | Socks: Monki  
Shoes: Fred de la Bretoniere | Bag: Zara



Haven't posted a weekly in months, here some random photos I took recently.
1. Food during the press days last week!
2. Loving these Parisian rooftops, have been sorting all photos because I'm gonna use some for a cool project. Will tell you more about that soon.
3. New green stuff at home. Finally found a complete green sansevieria, I don't really like the ones with yellow or green stripes.
4. Last weeks breakfast/brunch. Can I have more?
5. Another photo of our new plant, it looks really nice on the mirror top of our tiny side-table.
6. Planning another trip to this beautiful city, probably in two months :) Paris, here I come! xx


Late Night Tours on my Single-Speed

Say hi to my new pimped single-speed racing bike. Well actually it's not really a new one, it's an oldie but we re-styled it. It's an old Peugeot ladies racing bike. We took off the gears, replaced the rims with new aluminium lightweight ones and taped the steering wheel with black cotton.

But I personally think that the best part is the Wald wire basket in front. It is perfect when you are cruising through the city and have to take groceries, packages and your bag back home. What do you think of the result? xx


Oona Welcome Days AW15

Went to the Oona Welcome Days last thursday. Lately I didn't really have time to attend events and that sort of stuff due to my crazy schedule at the university. I'm glad that I finally have some more time and can be a bit more active blogwise.

The team from Oona definitely found a nice location to show the new fall winter collections. Brands I liked the best are the Belgian 'Just In Case' and 'Essentiel'. I really liked the mix of materials these brands use. Furthermore they had pretty scarves from a new brand called 'Timi'. And what about that cool aqua/mint colored bike?

But as always the best part of a press day is the amazing food :-) xx



My favorite store in Kreuzberg. Selling for both ladies and gents and they also offer a wide range of interior items. They have amazing items from many different brands, amongst others Carin Wester, Nike, Playtype, Acne Studios and Whyred. Here a selection of products that you can buy at their online store:


Can I go back?

When can I go back? Have you ever been to Berlin, no?! You better book something immediately, because just look at those buildings. The city is a-ma-zing! So happy that I got the opportunity to live there for six months when doing my internship last year. I might want to go again for a year or so after graduating my Masters :-) xx


Spring and Shoulder-pads

Here an outfit from last week. The weather allows it to wear leather jackets again so I decided to take this vintage eighties jacket out. Shoulder-pads it is! And also, I'm wearing vintage Air Max sneakers that I got as a gift a while ago. These are my second pair, I only have my Nike Free Running ones, so I'm really not a sneaker person. It's nice to finally have a not sporty pair though!

I Love that it is still bright enough to take photos after work and that spring is showing some first signs. That is why I couldn't resist to take the obliged 'under the blossom tree' outfit photos! xx

Leather jacket: Vintage | Knit: Asos | Jeans: Vintage Levi's | Shoes: Vintage Nike Air Max | Bag: Zara | Scarf: Gifted

PS. Not that I mind blossom photos, you've probably seen plenty on your Instagram feed already. It's that time of the year again!


Breakfast of Champions

What's better than starting the day with a fruit overload. Happy weekend to you! xx


When in Berlin

When in Berlin one visits certain stores, such as COS, Muji and Voostore. Of course I couldn't go home without buying something. I bought a pair of trousers at COS, this amazing Playtype poster at Voostore (wanted to buy it for quite some time), a few little things at Muji and a funny book about Germans. xx


Berlin Wall Art

One of the best things of Berlin is all the creativity that flows throughout the city. For example, you can find graffiti on almost every corner. One can actually better call it wall art, since cannot be compared to the 'tags' and other 'artworks' one finds here. The wall paintings in Berlin are often pieces of art; it is clear that true artists have been working on them.

Above you can find a selection of my personal favorites. Of course there are also many buildings covered in typical graffiti - especially in former East-Berlin areas such as Prenzlauer Berg. Which one do you like best? xx