New Reading Material

Bought some new reading material at the Modefabriek. I'm always interested in buying new thought-provoking volumes. So I got the L'Officiel and J'N'C' magazine and bought the new book called Denim Dudes. I also bought The Soft Atlas of Amsterdam, it was reccomended by a teacher at Artez. Another suggested one is Wabi Sabi - for artists, designers, poets & philosophers, did you read any of those? xx



What I was wearing the other day. This wall works so well on photos, really love its structure. Wearing one of my favorite coats, really love the length of it. Also wearing my newest black shoes, bought them some months ago already but never really wore them. What do you think? xx

Coat: Vintage Burberry | Sweat: Isabel Marant | Top: MbyM | Jeans: Levi's | Shoes: Fred de la Bretoniere  
Bag: Zara | Scarf: New Look | Panty socks: Hema


Restore: Beauty products

Somehow I always manage to have many make-up products empty at the same time. Again this month. My perfume, mascara, pressed powder and white eyeshadow needed a replacement. The only benefit is that it is nice to have all products in their best shape again! xx


Normann Copenhagen: Onkel Sofa

Are you familiar with the feeling tof wanting something new that you really don't need.?!

Well, that is the feeling I get when seeing this sofa. I'm really happy with the couch we have now, but every time I see the Onkel Sofa I'm having the urge to replace our current one for it. What do you think of it, what color do you like best? xx


Interior decoration

Got some nice new items for our home. Have to decide where to put the antlers (got a second one for Christmas) and the print, but at least I'm happy to tell that our home is finally starting to become more 'homey'! xx

btw, you can buy this nice wooden frame at the V&D in many different sizes.


Winter Weather

Hi there, finally a new post! Shot this look on Monday and hadn't had the time to upload the photos yet. I'm wearing a basic winter look: jeans, boots, oversized sweater, woolen coat and a huge blanket scarf. Of course I also brought my dear mittens, wouldn't survive the winter without them! xx

Coat: COS | Scarf: Scotch & Soda | Sweater: Asos | Jeans: Acne Studios | Boots: Zara


Gifts Week 4

First of all; happy new year! Hope you had some great days with your friends and family. I certainly had some nice days, I also still have some images of the gifts I received during the last week of Advent. So here a photo with the last items :) xx