Sunny Copenhagen

Here some photos from a short trip to Copenhagen. Would love to go back asap, I always want to spend more time in that lovely city. Maybe I should go there after finishing my studies, what do you think? xx

Top: Asos | Jeans: Levi's | Shoes: Vintage | Bag: Zara


New in ADPT.

A few blogposts ago I already showed you some photos of the ADPT. showroom in Brande, Denmark and here are the items I brought home. As you can see in the photos above, I got a new grey sweat (a girl can never have too many comfy sweats right?!) and also a new denim shirt/jacket for my ever-growing denim collection. They are both of really thick quality and perfect for the colder days that are about to come.

In the looks above you can see how the guys at ADPT. styled the items for the coming winter collection - including many amazing jackets. Below you can see how I intend to wear the grey sweater, I already ordered a pair of dungarees so hopefully they'll fit and then I just have to wait till the baby blue coat is available.

Btw. I bought those black leather loafers last week and that means that I can finally tick them off my wishlist. Ever since seeing those studded Zara loafers two years ago I've been looking for a pair (the Zara ones were sold-out before I got the chance to grab a pair). Do you like the brand ADPT.? xx


When in Göteborg

Can't believe it has already been a month since we visited this beautiful city. So it's about time that I'm sharing some photos. Of course I took too many photos so I had a hard time deciding which ones I should pick. Göteborg is an amazing city, we were totally blown away by it's beauty and really wished that we had more time to explore this fascinating city. 

The city has some height differences (similar to for example Lissabon) which makes that there are many viewpoints from which you have a great outlook over the city. The architecture in the city is really breathtaking, it has many stone buildings, but also wooden ones and on one corner it seems that your find yourself in the middle of New York, whereas you turn around the next corner it all of the sudden resembles London. It's truly a one of a kind city!

We parked our car close to an area called Haga; a district known for its 19th century atmosphere and picturesque wooden houses. It's a nice shopping area filled with little shops and cafés. Afterwards we walked to the large Slottskogen - the largest park in Gothenburg with an open zoo - and on our way we had a drink at Jerntorgerts Brygghus a nice beer place with, obviously, a wide range of beers but also non-alcoholic drinks. 

After walking around the city (really everything is at walking distance) we went to the main centre. The city centre was just as beautiful as the rest of the city. There are many Scandinavian concept stores, multibrand stores, antique shops, beautiful brick storefronts, cobblestoned streets, canals through the city, industrial buildings, etc., etc. 

Of course we had to eat as well and we found this place called Kafé Magasinet at the Tredje Långgatan. It is a nice cosy yet industrial lunch place where we ordered some sandwiches, coffee and drinks. The location is super cure; in a small courtyard behind the main street. The street has many nice places where you can eat lunch or dinner, so definitely a must visit!

Below you can find two more photos showing off the beauty of this Swedish metropolis!


Guide to better living

Finally bought this book! It has been on top of my wishlist for a really long time but somehow I always bought another book first. I'm glad that I have it now though! The book addresses living in cities around the world and how to improve the quality of your life. They show which cities are most interesting, why they are interesting and what it exactly is that they have to offer. It's an amazing book filled with inspiration! xx


90s kid

My favorite looks; love it when I can wear jeans with leather jackets, flats and big scarfs. Welcome autumn and welcome back signature look (I like summer but I never really know what to wear, so I'm glad it is getting colder and I can wear a lot of layers again, don't like the rain though)! xx

Leather jacket: Dept | Scarf: Scotch & Soda | Jeans: Levis | Sneakers: Vagabond | Leather backpack: Skagen


At the ADPT. showroom in Denmark

As you might already have seen on my Instagram feed (@heritagemode), I visited the Bestseller showroom grounds in Brande, Denmark during my holidays. A few months ago I was at the Modefabriek in Amsterdam and there I came in contact with the international brand manager behind a new unisex brand ADPT. I got really enthusiastic seeing the beautiful, detailed items with which the brand is tapping into the current trends.

At the ADPT. showroom I saw the winter collection that will be available from December on. The philosophy of the brand implies that it is better to adapt (hence their name) in season by buying products that are designed in and for that moment. They have managed to develop a flexible, adaptive way of designing and producing with which they can easily respond to demands of the market. I really like this concept because as soon as a new trend emerges you want to shop for items that fit that style. ADPT. makes exactly that possible.

As mentioned above the collection contains many detailed items and the styles are comfortable and laid-back. The focus is put upon the materials, color choices, shapes and cuts. Therefore the items are of high quality and quite elegant while at the same time perfect for your everyday look. In the photos you can see a few of my favorites (those jackets!). You can shop the current collection at Zalando. How do you like it? xx


Cognac Leather Backpack from Skagen

Say hi to my amazing new leather backpack from Skagen Denmark!! For years I have been looking for a nice backpack - preferably leather - that fits my Macbook. Quite the challenge I'll tell you.. So last month, when on holiday, I fi-nal-ly found it. So let me introduce you to my new leather backpack. 

It's a cognac leather beauty with a special inside pocket for my laptop. It has extra pockets inside, on the front and on the back. The handles are nice and wear comfy and it is just perfect! Sorry for the photo spam but I couldn't resist taking photos of this beauty. Do you like it? xx

Leather backpack: Skagen | Table and stool: Ikea | Sandals: Birkenstock | Chairs: Vintage