Gallery Wall

Looking for inspiration for on our walls. Bought a shitload of frames a while ago and I'm slowly starting to find nice prints to put in them. Some of them are still empty because I'll create something myself, at least that is the plan. I hope to have some time in July when I'm babysitting two rabbits!

Maybe at the end of summer I can show you some photos of our own home, with all our new frames on the wall. If you have any suggestion for another nice print, please tell me. Still looking for some nice 40x50 sized ones. xx



What I ate for lunch: spinach pasta filled with mushrooms, paired with smoked bacon, tomatoes and topped with some white cheese and herbs. Looks really good (love the colors) on these vintage dinner plates and with the aluminium cutlery I bought at Merci in Paris. Enjoy your day! xx


Vintage Lace and Quilted Docs

These photos are taken a little while ago, when I was paying a visit to the old Olympic Village just outside Berlin. Totally forgot about them, but luckily I'm sharing them now.

This is one of my favorite combinations to wear: a vintage lace dress with a cropped sweater on top of it. Black on Black on Black. Paired with my leather trousers and quilted Doctor Martens it has just the right amount of femininity and grunge. What do you think? And how do you like this amazing location?! xx

Sweater: Weekday | Lace Dress: Vintage | Leather trousers: Goosecraft | Boots: Dr Martens 


Vagabond Flatforms

Something entirely new: sneakers. I have been looking for a decent pair of white flatform sneakers for a while now but somehow it was quite a challenge to find them. When I was in Berlin last month, we drove past the Arthur McGlen outlet and it was there that I bought those sneakers. They are from the Swedish brand Vagabond and I like the old-school style of these canvas shoes. I think they are perfect for spring and summer! xx

P.S. Now I'm going to eat the cake I baked earlier today (see Instagram @heritagemode) because it is my boyfriend's birthday!!



Just had a delicious yoghurt ice-cream and since I didn't have time to take outfit photos this week, here some ice-cream photos. Oh and, I have a fresh haircut as well, what do you think? Should I keep it short or let it grow again? xx


Crop it like it's hot

Looking for the perfect pair of cropped jeans turned out to be quite a challenge. I gathered a few of my favorites that are within my price range, what do you think? You want a dark one, in-between or light denim, are you looking for a slim fit or a one with a boyfriend fit, high rise or mid rise, there are so many options. Shop them here:


Post Workout Food

Vitamins are the best after an intensive workout! Enjoy your day, off to work! xx


Blossoms and Fringes

My most recent outfit photos. Wore this somewhere last week while the blossoms were still in full bloom. At the moment they are slowly falling down, twirling through the streets. Luckily I was just in time to take some photos with a nice pink background.

I'm wearing an old suede fringe vest from the Luxury line of Vila Clothes. Maybe I should wear it more often, but somehow it never really fits my outfits. But I guess the fringes do fit the current fashion so that is why I decided to wear it anyhow.

 Did you enjoy the blossoms as well? xx

Fringed vest: Vila Luxe | Denim shirt: H&M | Jeans: ASOS | Boots: Deena & Ozzy