1001 flies and extensions

Hi guys, I can hear you thinking '1001 flies and extensions, what?!' Well let me explain, the first three photos are made today on a little biking trip. I really like spending some time on my bike, but I hate hate hate all these stupid flies. I probably ate 10 flies today and had to wipe 1001 flies of my face ;)

Then the other three photos are of the extensions I received from 1001extensions. A while ago they asked me to review a set of their extensions and since I've never had extensions I agreed to try them out. I really like that their extensions are made of real human hair and are available in many colors. I found the perfect color, it really matches with my own hair color.

They are easy to add because of the clips, they even added three extra clips. The only problem is the thickness, they told me that if I had thick hair I should tell so I would receive two packages, but I thought my hair was normal. So I can really recommend everyone to order two packages because as you can see one isn't enough ;)

Top: Sandro | Leather shorts: Thrifted | Bag: Gestuz | Sandals: Birkenstock | Extensions: 1001extensions


  1. Haha, nummer 4 is hilarisch! Vind het wel een hele mooie kleur voor jouw haar...


  2. Yeah the color match looks great, but you really could use some extra extensions with your luscious locks ;)

  3. The color is so nice but yeah you have lovely thick hair so you definetly need more volume! Nice post anyway :D


  4. Love it!
    That's a great idea :-)
    You look like Mischa Barton, Marissima from The O.C :-P

    Have a lovely day


    Piera Anastasia

  5. Ik wil het ook een keer proberen! De kleur is wel echt perfect!!


  6. Ik wil het zelf ook proberen! Jammer inderdaad dat het zo weinig is! :( De kleur past wel echt precies bij jou haarkleur! :) x Laura

  7. Cute pictures! Definitely looks like two packs would be necessary!


  8. I prefer your natural hair but your look is pretty cool ;)

    + do you want to follow each other?


  9. Jammer, dat het te weinig was! De kleur is wel heel mooi!

    xx Riƫlle