Berlin buys

What I bought during my short trip to Berlin. I had a few meetings and I couldn't resist to do a bit of shopping. Since Berlin is one of my favorite cities (together with Ã…rhus and London) I always like strolling down the city. This time I was with Mart and he had never been in Berlin before so - like I told you before - we went to visit the most famous places. While showing Mart some of the popular areas we also payed a visit to my favorite stores.

At one of my favorite antique stores I found an amazing world map (didn't took unrolled photos yet). I finally bought the book 'IT' by Alexa Chung after trying to buy it several times in some local stores but just to find that it was sold out. We went to Voostore and there it was, so I directly grabbed it and took it to the cash register! I also bought a little German phrases booklet for my mother in law. Finally I bought a porcelain robot at Butlers; another store that often sells fun interior items. xx


  1. I love Butlers! I always look up their locations when I'm going on holiday to see if there's one nearby. They have stores in the UK too, you know? :)

    X Rosanne

  2. Oh my god I read that book finished it the other day I did a post on it. It was a great book I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Leuke aankopen! Ik wil het boek ook :)


  4. Ik ben benieuwd wat je van het boek vind. So far heb ik een heleboel slechte recensies gelezen.
    In ieder geval een super cute beeldje en ook de wereldkaart klinkt top!