Sale circus

We all know - and agree I think - that the sale period is amazing. So I couldn't resist creating a little wish list with items I would love to buy if I had the money. As you know we moved to a new apartment a few weeks ago and we celebrated that with a housewarming for friends and family yesterday. So we had it quite busy last week preparing everything and paying attention to the the last - and smallest - details. We also had lots of stuff to buy so that's why I haven't really bought new clothes the past months. This week I will make sure to shoot some outfit photos and be a better blogger. (God, I haven't checked Bloglovin' in ages…!) Hope you're all doing well! xx

Acne Florian red woolen blazer | Fendi leather ankle boots | Proenza Schouler camouflage scarf | Acne Azade woolen top | Dear Cashmere black hat | Stella McCartney cat-eye sunglasses | Proenza Schouler PS11 camouflage bag | Acne Constant woolen trousers


  1. nice collage !! sales are dangerous hahaha


  2. Leuke wish list! Leuk toch dat je zo geniet :)