Weekly: Housewarming

Last Sunday we had our housewarming party because we moved to a new house two months ago. In those two months we did a lot of building (demolishing the old kitchen, stripping the whole place, letting my uncles re-installing the piping, plastering the walls and placing a new kitchen), sanding, painting, refurnishing etc. Finally we had everything sort of in place and it started to look like a real home, so we decided to celebrate that fact by giving a housewarming party. What are you looking at?

1. We got lots of great gifts to decorate our new home with. My cousin is very creative and has her own shop where she sells items she has made and items she has smartened up. My mother gave me another marble house from Bloomingville, my grandmother gave us candles and my aunt gave me money so we could buy something ourselves and she also gave us a little packet with a towel and nature soap.
2. Beautiful flowers and a wooden spoon which had a gift card for Cook&co tied to it.
3 & 4. Lots of cards with lovely words, gift cards and money. Sometimes even accompanied by beautiful flowers!
5. The Hema gift cards we got from our aunt and uncle have already been spent ;) We bought two new pillows with graphic patterns in grey tones.
6. More gifts, cards and a delicious pie assortment from the famous bakery Koekela in Rotterdam.

Thank you everyone for coming and of course for everything you brought with you (which was totally unnecessary, but also really sweet). xx


  1. Jullie hebben een erg mooi huis gekocht past goed bij je stijl. Een hele fijne tijd in dit
    huis toegewenst!

    Liefs je nicht

  2. Wat een prachtige foto's weer! Ik ben heel benieuwd naar hoe jullie huisje eruit ziet :) Heel veel plezier in Berlijn! xo

  3. Gefeliciteerd met je huisje! Erg mooie foto's! x