End of Summer

Tomorrow my new and last year as a student starts, that means summer is officially over. On Friday I came back from a two week road trip through Scandinavia where these photos are taken. Remember my post where I told you that it has been quite some time since I visited the beach, well here is the proof that I finally went again. Of course I had to, now that I have this nice bikini from Lagoen. In my previous post about this bikini you can read more about the brand and their products (here). 

So we took some quick photos to show you the bikini and how it fits. I like that the bottom has a normal size (I mean did you never notice that bikini pants are often size tiny, as in 'where is the fabric?!'). It's great that these bikinis are made for real women and that they are also comfy when you aren't a size zero. What do you think of the anthracite color and model? xx

Bikini: Lagoen Holland | Scarf: Pom Amsterdam | Hair tie: Lagoen Holland

PS. For those who are also still studying, cheers to another year of being a student!

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