Holiday Reading Material

Last weekend I had some extra time on my hands and decided to sort out the piles and piles (!) of magazines and books I had lying around. I (re)discovered these two gems and directly put them with the stuff that I'm taking with me when going on holiday this weekend.

Guess these will perfect for relaxing at the pool..

Yes I'm going to swim!! Haven't done that in years since I'm not really fan of going to the beach (That actually is because of the sun, I always end up looking like a tomato), anyways there still are swimming pools. We just happen to have booked a hotel a bit North of Oslo that has amazing spa facilities including a huge serene inside swimming pool, so obviously I have to go swimming.

And since I finally am the proud owner of a bikini again (yes I didn't have a bikini... well I didn't visit the beach so why would I have one?!), I'm more than ready for an early morning dive. I have to admit that even though I never missed not having one, I secretly ordered another bikini and a bathing suit so  I do have options. Maybe I will even try the ocean again! At least I can always relax and enjoy my book and magazine! What do you take with you on holiday? xx

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