What's with Valentine?

Ok for starters, I didn't bake a Valentines cake or anything. I just happened to have a heart shaped baking tin (yeah I don't no why either). Since I have no idea what Valentine exactly entails - other than love and hearts - I decided to add a photo of the tin to this post. Plus, I don't happen to have other heart shaped items at home so it had to be this tin.

So I was wondering how many people really do celebrate Valentines day. I mean in The Netherlands it has never been a big thing, however over the years it seems to have commercialized a bit. In the weeks/days before Valentine you can definitely buy lots of reds, hearts, love-related stuff you normally cannot find at the stores (not that I usually look for those kind of things).

Anyhow.. when I looked on Instagram this morning I saw many posts dedicated to Valentine's day. Which got me thinking, do people just post something because it looks nice in their feeds? Or is it because it is more popular overseas and due to social media we are more connected and take over others' habits (in this case holidays)? Regardless the reason, here is me trying to join this 'thing' by wishing you a great Valentines evening! xx

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