At the ADPT. showroom in Denmark

As you might already have seen on my Instagram feed (@heritagemode), I visited the Bestseller showroom grounds in Brande, Denmark during my holidays. A few months ago I was at the Modefabriek in Amsterdam and there I came in contact with the international brand manager behind a new unisex brand ADPT. I got really enthusiastic seeing the beautiful, detailed items with which the brand is tapping into the current trends.

At the ADPT. showroom I saw the winter collection that will be available from December on. The philosophy of the brand implies that it is better to adapt (hence their name) in season by buying products that are designed in and for that moment. They have managed to develop a flexible, adaptive way of designing and producing with which they can easily respond to demands of the market. I really like this concept because as soon as a new trend emerges you want to shop for items that fit that style. ADPT. makes exactly that possible.

As mentioned above the collection contains many detailed items and the styles are comfortable and laid-back. The focus is put upon the materials, color choices, shapes and cuts. Therefore the items are of high quality and quite elegant while at the same time perfect for your everyday look. In the photos you can see a few of my favorites (those jackets!). You can shop the current collection at Zalando. How do you like it? xx

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