New in ADPT.

A few blogposts ago I already showed you some photos of the ADPT. showroom in Brande, Denmark and here are the items I brought home. As you can see in the photos above, I got a new grey sweat (a girl can never have too many comfy sweats right?!) and also a new denim shirt/jacket for my ever-growing denim collection. They are both of really thick quality and perfect for the colder days that are about to come.

In the looks above you can see how the guys at ADPT. styled the items for the coming winter collection - including many amazing jackets. Below you can see how I intend to wear the grey sweater, I already ordered a pair of dungarees so hopefully they'll fit and then I just have to wait till the baby blue coat is available.

Btw. I bought those black leather loafers last week and that means that I can finally tick them off my wishlist. Ever since seeing those studded Zara loafers two years ago I've been looking for a pair (the Zara ones were sold-out before I got the chance to grab a pair). Do you like the brand ADPT.? xx

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