What are you looking at?
It's been a long time ago since I posted a weekly update. So not all photos are made this week, I had some more stored on my macbook. So let me tell you something about these photos:

1. Bought some new plants at the Ikea. Bamboo, small cactuses and a nice little tree.
2. This is the last Glossybox I received, the Stars and Stripes box, an amazing one if you ask me. I know, it is from July but I still wanted to share it. I especially love the Bellapiere lipstick, it has a nice coral shade that suits every skin color.
3. Love how orders from Mr Porter are being shipped. I bought this Acne hat, find it on Instagram.
4. We've had some pretty hot days lately and I really like simple food on days like that.
5. Painted some stools and a chair in these lovely colors.
6. Bought these cards at the Ikea Hengelo. It's apparently something new to have a paper department at the Ikea, great idea! xx


  1. Die nummer kaartjes zijn echt te leuk :)


  2. I liked your blog thanks for sharing this.