LFW My 5 favorite collections

J.JS Lee SS 15. Definitely on top of my favorite list. I like the matching tops and bottoms in this collection, I will definitely going to try this next summer. I also love the oversized shapes and the shiny feminine yet comfortable looking fabrics. Those shoes look like 3d printed geometric shoes and even though they aren't really my taste, I think they go really well with the collection.

Michael van der Ham SS 15. In one word: wauw. I had the feeling Michael van der Ham kept making the same kinda items over and over again. This collection definitely has his mark on it, but still it finally looks refreshing to me! I like the bustier kinda tops that are worn on top of other items! His collection is all about layering and using different textures and materials :)

David Koma SS 15. This collection to me is about shapes and playing with lengths. The focus is on the waist in these looks, either by showing a bare midriff or by accentuating the smallness of the female figure. I also like the clever use of colors and the slicked back hairdo. The sandals look like some great basics that every woman should have in her closet, do you already have ones like that?

Topshop Unique SS 15. To me this is always one of the most un-cohesive shows on London Fashion week, and I don't mean that in a negative way. There is so much going on in the collection, probably because there are so many looks. I can find multiple styles within this one collection. Inspiration wise that's definitely a good thing! I like the combination of soft looking girly items paired with boyish items like the leather sleeved baseball jacket and the oversized pullover. Definitely a look I will go for!

Marios Schwab SS 15. The last collection I picked is the one from Marios Schwab. I don't like all the items shown in these five selected looks, but some others are just really good. Especially the two clean oversized tees. The fit looks really good but that probably has to do with the thick stiff material (something like neoprene I guess?). Another think I like are the mule kinda heeled shoes with ankle straps, they look like a perfect mixture of sandal and ankle bootie. What is your favorite? xx

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