Harem Pants and Leather Jacket

An outfit I wore last weekend. I know the new weekend starts tomorrow, so I'm sharing these photos a bit late, but still! I'm wearing one of my favorite trousers, a pair of grey silk-blend harem pants. I've got them for more than five years now and they are still in perfect shape! Paired with a striped half sheer top and my favorite leather jacket!

Had quite a busy week, more to do at my Masters now, lots of appointments, etc. How was your week? I'm going to visit the living statue festival in Arnhem on sunday, what about you, any plans for this weekend? xx

Leather jacket: Dept | Trousers: Dept | Tee: COS | Shoes: Thrifted | Socks: Monki


  1. Faisal Mahmood9/10/14 6:21 PM

    Your model has good personality. I like it.

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