Premium and Seek Berlin

You probably already saw some photos on my Instagram feed from when I was in Berlin to visit the Premium and Seek fashion fair. Here are a few photos from the general area in Seek berlin which was much more fashion forward and showing more interesting, contemporary brands compared to the Premium fair.

When eating a burger and some fries the evening of our arrival we met two kind men that are working for the Danish brand Kaibosh specialized in [sun]glasses. It is a brand that has a completely different philosophy than other optical brands. They believe that one should have multiple glasses that complement your carefully curated looks, instead of one pair that doesn't go with all your looks. For instance when you are wearing a boyish look you should wear a pair of glasses that rounds off the look.

As they say themselves: "Now you can have a high quality pair of trend-setting prescription glasses or sunglasses for the same price as a pair of jeans". Browsing through their website will show you that they carry many different styles, there is something for everyone. And for those that cannot decide upon a pair in the morning they also have two-way glasses that you can alter throughout the day. Those glasses were also at the Seek fair and were amazing, how cool is it that you can wear your glasses in two ways?! Definitely fashion-forward! xx

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