Self-Branding project at Artez

Here some photos of a project I did for the Master in Fashion Strategy I'm doing at Artez. We had a course called self-branding and we had to present our personal identity in a way. After lots of pre-research and smaller side assignments I started working on the deliverable for the final presentation. This is what I ended up with; a Wunderkammer like table.

My main product is the wooden hand. Firstly I made a prototype out of paper that I later translated into a Illustrator file (which was one hell of a job). Afterwards I sent it to the lasercutter at our main building. It feels good to be creative again after three years of mainly reading books and papers during my Bachelor. Familiar? xx

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  1. Desi van Waterschoot13/2/15 4:25 PM

    Wauw, je project ziet er echt heel erg gaaf uit! Heel bijzonder vooral. Welke studie doe je precies? Liefs