In need of a new workspace

Just before doing my internship in Berlin (for six months), we moved to a new apartment in Holland. So when I finally was back from my half year Berlin, I decided that I wanted to treat myself with a proper workspace. Then I first spent another month in Copenhagen for a language course and now I'm finally back to pursue that wish.

I checked Pinterest and saw so many amazing boards filled with inspiration. So it took me just a few seconds to decide to finally start using the Pinterest account I created years ago. I made a board filled with workspace / home office inspiration. You can find my account and boards here.

Do you already have your own workspace? What does it look like? xx


  1. Mijn werkplek ziet er vrij simpel, strak en opgeruimd uit. Mooie inspiratie foto's.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. I love searching for workinspiration. My workspace looks kinda messy, because my work involves a lot of cutting and sewing.


  3. Ahh heerlijke inspiratie! Ik zit altijd gewoon aan mijn bureau of aan de eettafel beneden ;)