Impressions of Copenhagen

Here some photos that will hopefully give you an impression of what Copenhagen life looks like. Since the city lies directly on the coast, there is plenty of options to see beautiful seasides over here. I think Copenhagen is a charming small city with a typical 'city architecture', there are many old four and five story buildings in both white tones and pastel shades. But there are also modern buildings and I noticed that they often really fit in; they blend in perfectly with the surrounding buildings.

All in all I think it is a nice charming city, with cute lampposts hanging above the streets. It's a perfect mix of the character of an old city combined with a modern, fancy scandinavian vibe. The Danish people pay attention to details: the people look well groomed, the city is clean, everything is well taken care of (wifi in public transport like in Holland, good looking people on nice bikes and many free museums). I can definitely recommend this city, it is perfect for a city trip. xx

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