Shabbies wishlist

Shabbies Amsterdam wishlist. Love the whole collection that is available through both De Bijenkorf and Vimodos. As you guys know I'm the proud owner of several pairs of high shafted Shabbies, but seeing the heeled and shorter versions makes me want another pair. Shabbies is a Dutch brand that is part of the bigger brand Fred de la Bretonière. I love the sturdy leather and simple designs, they are also really comfortable due to the sole. Buy all Shabbies stated above at Vimodos. If you could pick one, which ones would it be?


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  1. Wat een stoere laarzen!


  2. Gave laarzen, vind ze ook erg mooi alleen beetje boven mijn budget!

  3. Mooi! Ik ben na die outfit post van jou er echt verliefd op geworden! Ben nu alleen aan het twijfelen tussen shabbies en sendra's..

  4. Die mooie lichte laarzen in het midden, liefde!