Artez Graduation Show

How amazing are these coats, love love love the first one!! The long bomber jacket is something I really would like to add to my wardrobe right now, could really use something like it!

Perfect fringe bags and love that this student also made amazing matching shoes for her collection.

The use of new and innovative materials was inspiring. It was clear that these students have the latest techniques - and the devices to exercise them - at their disposal (think laser-cutters, etc.).

The designs from Becx were amazing because of its pureness and rawness. Totally loved the oversized tie dye look in the third photo; the huge blanket like coat, the scarf and the trousers. The frayed edges look perfect on these heavy fabrics!

Loved the white and clean looks in this series that is designed and made by Kuijf.

This was actually one of my favorite series during the graduation show. Really loved the shapes and materials that are used in this collection by Tellie. The colors and textiles go really well together and all the separate looks seemed to be part of an overall bigger picture.

Obviously all items within one collection should always form a cohesive collection, but I often have the feeling that with many shows this doesn't seem to be the case. This collection looked as if the designer really thought about every little aspect though, I loved it!

Two more, just because there were so many amazing looks shown! xx

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