Party Look

After all the busy Christmas days where you had to take care for everyone around you, it's now time to think about yourself. What are you going to wear for New Years Eve?!
You know you want to look smashing :-)

Instead of waiting until the day itself, I decided to create my ultimate party look some days before. Since I'm probably going to spend at least half of the evening/night outside, it definitely had to be something warm. That is why I went for this furry friend with a nice sweater dress underneath. To make a bit more festive, I picked a nice glittery hair accessory.

Of course I also like sparkling dresses and skirts, but you often have to wear them with stockings and I think it will be a bit too cold for that. So I decided upon a pair of trousers from Seven Sisters to complete my look. Apart from being really comfy, they also make it bearable to go outside in this weather without freezing my butt off!

I found my perfect party outfit at The Sting for less than €100. So if you are still looking for inspiration for your New Years look, go check out their website! xx

Furry Jacket: Twenty Three  | Sweater Dress: Anti Blue | Tregging: Seven Sisters | Booties: Next | Hair Accessory: The Sting


  1. AnnaKatina.Com30/12/14 10:10 AM

    Pretty pictures and clean blog. You could add some detail shots if the accessory in your hair but on the whole - top :) x

  2. Ik zag hem al op Insta! Ik vind het een super mooie look :)