Piping 2.0: new closet

Some weeks ago I finally ordered all the materials I needed to make a new (hanging) closet. I spent so many hours online to find a closet that offered me all the space I need, looked nice and wasn't too expensive. It turned out that such a closet either doesn't exist or I just couldn't find it. Anyhow, I decided that it was probably better if I just made my own closet and that is what I did.

What I used:
(lightweight) aluminium pipes and alu fastenings to install the whole construction.

The good thing is that you can use the exact space you have. My problem was that the wall has a width of 297 cm and that most closets are either 200 or 300 centimeter wide. Now i could fully use the width of the room. I guess we can call this piping 2.0. :) What kinda closet do you have? xx

PS. Yes I really installed it myself.


  1. Ideaal! Ziet er super goed uit:)

  2. Ziet er echt super uit! Ik heb nu vooral hang kasten en lade kasten. Ik zou graag ook wel een inloop kast willen hebben :)


  3. Wauw, heel gaaf en het staat ook heel mooi in een ruimte vind ik.

  4. Ziet er heel gaaf en netjes uit! Ben jaloers!


  5. Ziet er goed en mooi uit! Mijn kleding is verspreid over allemaal verschillende kasten, haha! Als ik op mezelf woon is dat hopelijk anders ;)