I'm sorry about the delay in posting a weekly. I normally post it on Sunday as a sort of recap of what happened during the week. But yesterday I had some visitors and it was monday already before I realized it ;) And sorry, in the middle of the night I rather prefer some sleep than the preparing of a post, haha. So here are a few photos I made last week. What are you looking at?

1 & 2. Mart got me the perfect gift last week: this amazing Mason Pearson brush. After seeing it by Hanna and Marjolein I already wanted one. Since my brush was still in ok shape I was in no need of a new one, so I never bought it. But lately my old brush started to loose pins and Mart remembered that I wanted a Mason Pearson one. He surprised me by giving me this brush but even more, he called the help desk so he was sure to buy the right one for my hair :)
3. The old situation.
4 & 5. The process ;)
6. The result! We bought a few new plants a while ago and already had one. It was about time to put them all in a fitting pot. We got some succulents, a bonsai, a money tree and an aloe vera plant. xx


  1. Wat ontzettend lief van je vriend zeg! Bofkont :) xo

  2. Aah de maison pearson wauw!

  3. Aaaaah wat geweldig dat je die borstel hebt! Jaloersmakend haha. :D