Inspiration, DIY worthy

Sources, Unknown

While browsing through the saved image section, named: Inspiration, I stumbled on these ones. Starting with the first, what an amazing clutch that is. I guess this image is most recently added to my inspiration folder. I would love to make a little evening bag like this one myself. I think you could make something like this using a thick flexible chicken wire, but the only problem is the closure. So a sort of shopper definitely would be a potential option, at least, that is if you don't want to end up soldering a bag.

Second, I think putting some plastic or fabric figures on a shirt or top would be great. What I love the most about the one in the picture is the color combination, the pastels with the black and the lavender toned blazer, just wonderful. Those wire rings are really easy to make, that is, if you have a good bendable wire and some pliers. The necklace in the last picture is a sort of alike, so easy but the yet great.

PS I made a new wishlist (find it on the right side) if you have any ideas where to find these items, please let me know.

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  1. I appreciate these items of inspiration that look really cool.


  2. Oooh, definitely love to DIY that bag

    Trendy Teal

  3. Love the steel mesh bag, I recently stumbled upon it too and posted it on my Facebook page. Amazing xxx

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  5. Love these inspirations. It's a very nice selection and i love that bag.

  6. Love the top and the mesh bag. You have an eye for interesting things.
    xx Tanya