England #8 Fleet

Ph, Private

Early morning we left our hotel to shop at the designer outlet which is located in Swindon as well. After a morning full shopping (Mart bought so much more than me, men...). Since we hadn't seen any other tourists during our stay in England so far, we decided to visit the Stonehenge near Marlborough. Such a pity, it was unbelievably crowed, the parking lot crammed with tourists. I really like ancient buildings, ruins and other things concerning our history, but this was just terrible. There were so many people gathered around the fences placed around the stones.

I don't like such a crowded places. If I take photos of ancient buildings, I try to take them without anyone on it. I just keep waiting and waiting till everybody is out of sight. I didn't even try this at the Stonehenge. If you're thinking about visiting the stones, well just don't. It's nothing more than these stones with some fences. Well apart from our meaningless visit to the Stonehenge we had a lovely day which ended with great food and a lovely hotel-suite in Fleet.

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  1. What a shame the stones where dissapointing! Hope you've had a good time anyhow! xx

  2. I love those kind of tubs!!!! and love your black dress!!! :) xo, Alma

  3. Ik hou van je jurk. Tenminste, als het een jurk is.. Ja toch?
    Verder hele leuke foto's!

    x Muriël

    1. Jaa het is een jurk, ik vind hem ook echt gaaf. Moet m maar vaker dragen!

  4. Lovely pictures!

  5. Wat een mooie Badkamer zeg!