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Ph, Private

Here you can find some things about me. I've been tagged by Sabine to fill in some things and facts. I've been tagged before, but I've never competed because I didn't know what to tell about myself. Lately I've received a few mails with questions, which made me change my blog and that's why I added an 'about me' page. There you can find some stuff about who I am and what I do. But now I will give you some personal stuff about me. Well... be prepared ;) Have fun reading!

10 Things about me
I don't like bananas | I'm stoïc (can cause some awkward moments, e.g. people thinking I'm a statue) | I have a weak spot for British, Scottish and Irish accents | I'm ocd (well an obsessive neat-freak) | I'm emotionally crippled | I've got every expansion pack of The Sims 3 | I like drawing | Arachnophobia | I'm a handyman | I'm out of proportion. ;)

9 Things I like
Sarcastic and black humor | I like thrift shopping | the zoo | cooking | photography | travelling | DIY projects | costume history | catwalk shows.

8 Things I don't like
My shoesize (IT42, UK 8,5) | creases and folds in my beloved magazines | heat (I'm translucent) | sweat and smell; although I like working out | rules | getting stomachache from chocolat | dirtiness.

Ph, Private

7 Places I like to be
At home | in the cinema | in a foreign country | on fleamarkets | in the kitchen | on the world wide web | in a restaurant/café.

6 Things I would like to do once
Ride route 66 on a motorbike | speak five languages fluently | see the wonders of the world | skydive | climb one of worlds highest mountains | attending Paris Fashion Week.

5 Places I would like to visit
New York | Melbourne | Stockholm | Tokyo | Vancouver (with a trip to Seattle).

4 Things I can't live without
Mart, friends and family | my cats: Coco and Pluis | Vaseline | Water.

3 Of my favourite songs
The Stranglers-Golden Brown
Editors-Smokers Outside the Hospital
The Smiths-Bigmouth Strikes Again.

2 Goals in life
Having a job which allows me to travel all over the world | following my heart.

1 Last word

Ph, Private

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  1. Wow, you have a LOT of magazines! I like how you store them haha
    And this was a fun post. I like getting to know more about bloggers :)

    Trendy Teal

  2. thank you for comment on my blog www.live-style20.blogspot.com

    fine blog !! < 333

  3. `super cute cat!


  4. thanks for visit my blog! your blog are great and if you want we can folow each other:)

  5. It's a very nice post. Love your answers. These photos are great and your cats so cute.

  6. Adorable photos my dear! Love this :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  7. very cool post :)
    i love ur cat, so cute.


  8. I want to visit Tokyo one day too! Cute post.

    Thank you for your recent comment on my blog! I'm following you now :)

    Chīsana Blogger

  9. Leuk dat je de tag hebt gedaan! :D En wat een leuke katjes!

  10. What beautiful photos!!! And adorable kitties!! I hate bananas too. I like the taste but hate the texture lol I also have a weak spot for British, Irish, and Scottish accents lol You have to come visit NYC one day. I too would love to visit Melbourne along with a lot of other places in Australia lol