Cape coat

Last weekend! What I was wearing on saturday when it was still a bit colder than it's now. It's an old H&M Trend coat that I don't wear that often but still like a lot.

It has a sleeveless body with a short cape attached to it. The fabric is quite heavy and sturdy. The fact that it's on the one hand sleeveless (more appropriate for warmer weather) but on the other hand made of a thick (winter) material makes that I don't wear it regularly.

Furthermore, I had an incredibly busy weekend and the weeks before were exhausting as well due to a workshop module with the TU in Eindhoven. Hopefully this week will turn out to be less crammed with activities, because I really need some sleep! xx

Coat: H&M Trend | Sweater: Weekday | Jeans: Acne Studios | Shoes: Clarks | Scarf: Monki

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