Olympus Playground

Yesterday I went to the Olympus Playground in Amsterdam with Zoƫ from The Daily Fashion Drug. It was a fun playground, unfortunately not as big as the one that was in Berlin a while ago. It was kinda weird because there was a signing session from a Dutch boyband called B-Brave in the same building, so it was really hectic with a lot of screaming young girls.

Upon arrival we got a Olympus camera with a SD card in it so we could make photos. At every booth there was a sign explaining which settings would result in the best shots. I liked the camera a lot, an easy camera to work with. I'm personally not so sure about the function with all the filter settings, the photos came out quite grainy. All in all I like the camera a lot. xx


  1. I think they could use your pics for promo or what...

  2. Super leuk! Ik vind het jammer dat ik niet kon :)