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What are you looking at?
1. Lovely lunch from last week. We both had a day off so we could eat together.
2 & 6. I've been looking for the perfect black shopper for quite a while. I already got a black leather shopper from Maison Scotch with two silver zippers on front. My boyfriend gave me that one last week, but the day before I already ordered an other online. Love my other new black shopper as well, it is padded/quilted at both sides. There is a red lining inside and has beautiful black hardware. I also found that beautiful silk top, probably hand painted. The top has a feather like print and is from Ivoire de Balmain.
3 & 4. We made ourselves sushi today, love to eat it if we have some spare time.
5. Signs of autumn are everywhere.

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  1. These photos are really great and the food looks so delicious.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. Leuke blog heb je! Mooie opmaak ook. Zowel de tas als het jasje vind ik erg gaaf:) Maison Scotch is een te gek merk. Wel een beetje prijzig helaas. Wacht tot de uitverkoop haha.

  3. wat een mooie foto's!