DIY Printed Tee

Ph, Private

You'll need: Basic tee, transfer paper, flatiron, photo you like, printer.

1. I liked this image of two cute little kittens and decided I wanted them on a basic tee.
2. In Photoshop I erased the outer corners/lines, so the image would blend with the white tee.
3. Print it on transfer paper (you can print on normal settings). Note that the image will be switched horizontally when it's printed.
4. Iron the image on your tee-shirt, push the flat-iron for 60 sec on the photo (photo side on the tee-shirt) rub the corners carefully.
5. Take off the upper part of the transfer paper, this is a sort of baking paper. Done!

As you can see mine is a bit wrinkled since I crammed it in my suitcase for my holiday. Today we are heading back to Holland, after a week full with a lot walking trips. Every muscle in my body has had some exercise and my legs are still feeling a bit sore. 


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  1. oh this is so cool! thanks for sharing, can't wait to try! xx

  2. Heel leuk idee wist niet dat dat zo goed werkte.

  3. Oh, what a brillant idea! I want to try it. That's so great.

  4. omgosh that's amazing! very cool!!!!